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A dollar is wider.

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Q: Which is wider a dollar coin or a quarter?
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Which coin is George Washington on?

A quarter, a one dollar coin, and a silver five dollar coin

Is a quarter dollar just a regular dollar?

No, a quarter is a different coin, and its value is only a quarter (1/4) of a regular dollar.

Which coin equals a fourth of a dollar?

The Quarter

Why is the quarter coin called a quarter?

Because it's one-fourth, or a quarter, of a dollar.

What valuable coin do you have the best chance of finding in your pocket?

Either a "wheat penny", silver dime, silver quarter, silver half dollar, half dollar, dollar, bicentenial quarter half-dollar dollar, error coin

What is the value of 1973 quarter dollar?

The coin is a common quarter so spend it.

Who is on the US quarter dollar coin?

George Washington

What dollar or coin found in Jimmy Carter?

a quarter

What is the most common coin in the US?

Quarter a dollar (1/4 a dollar)

What coin has susan b anthony picture on it?

She is on a dollar coin that is similar in size to a quarter.

What is the name of a USA coin?

Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar.

How much is the one dollar Andrew jhonson quarter worth?

.....If it is a dollar coin, it isn't a quarter. What you have is a brass circulation issue presidential dollar worth $1.

Which coin has the smallest radius penny nickel dime quarter half dollar or dollar?


What US coin was minted in 1913?

Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter Dollar, Half Dollar.

What coin denominations were minted in 1974?

Cent, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, dollar.

What is the value of a US quarter dollar coin 1972?

A 1972 Washington quarter is just a quarter, many are still in circulation.

What is a Half-Dollar?

a half dollar is a us coin that is half a dollar so 50 cents it is bigger than a quarter

How much is a liberty silver 1800 coin worth?

In order to give an estimated value for a coin, it is necessary to know the denomination of the coin. [For example: one dollar, half dollar, quarter dollar etc.]

How much does a newer quarter weigh?

A new U.S. quarter dollar coin weighs 5.67 grams.

What president is shown on the quarter?

George Washington, the first US president, is on the US quarter dollar coin.

In quarter coin how much a penny?

There are 25 pennies found in one quarter. There are 4 quarters in one dollar. There are 10 dimes in one dollar.

What is a quarter dollar?

A "quarter" is the slang name for a 25-cent coin in both the US and Canada, because 25 cents is one-fourth of a dollar.

How do you spell 25 cents in coin?

The 25-cent coin is called a quarter (1/4 dollar).

What is value of 1787 Delaware QUARTER with horse and rider its a quarter dollar?

The other date on the coin is 1999 and it's just a quarter.

What is a double eagle dollar?

A "Double Eagle" coin is any US $20.00 gold coin, no other coin. Ten dollar gold coins are Eagles, Five dollar are Half Eagles and Two and a half dollar are Quarter Eagles.