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It is 9*(n + 7)

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Q: Which math expression represents the phrase 9 times the sum of a number and 7?
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Which expression represents the verbal phrase the sum of there times a number and five?

" 3x + 5 " does.

Which expression represents the algebraic phrase eleven less than seven times a number?

It can be: 7x-11

How would you write a phrase that represents the expression 24x 19?

twenty four times a number and add 19

What is a number or expression that represents the number of times the base is used as a factor?

An exponent.

What expression represents nine times a number and seven?

9X + 7

Write the phrase as a variable expression 10 times a number?


Which expression represents 3 less than four times a?

Let the number be x and so the expression is 4x -3

Which expression represents four more than three times a number?

3n + 4

What expression represents seven less than five times a number?

5n - 7

Which expression represents the algebraic phrase the sum of negative three-eighths and four times x minus nine times z?

It could be: -3/8+4x-9z as an algebraic expression

What is the algebraic expression that represents the sum of 10 and 3 times a number x?

10 + 3x

What word phrase can you use to respresent the algebraic expression 4x?

Four times the number x.

What expression represents 16 more than 5 times a number n?

5n + 16 ======

How do you write an expression that represents 6 less than number times 5?

n*5 - 6

What expressions represents 5 less than 3 times the number m?

The expression is: 3m-5

What expressions represents the phrase six added to five times a number?

None of the "following" expressions!

What is an expression that represents 8 more than 6 times a number is 5 less than 3 times that number?

6x + 8 = 3x - 5

Which expression represents a number that is six times as large as the sum of 4 and 659?

It could be: 6*(4+659)

How do you write an expression for five times a number plus three?

If the variable x represents the number: 5x + 3ParenthesesExponentsMultiplyDivideAddSubtractAlways remember this

Does the phrase 2 times the sum of a number and 5 represent the same expression as the phrase the sum of 2 times a number and 5?

Let N represent the 'number'. It looks like the first phrase would be expressed as 2(N + 5) which expands to 2N + 10, while the second expression would be 2N + 5, which is not the same.Notice that the first one is 2 times the sum, while the second is 2 times a number.

Write an expression for the phrase 4 times the difference of 6 and a number y?

X = 4(6-y)

How do you Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression Six less than seven times some number?


Which equation below represents the expression, โ€œthe difference of five times a number and 8 is sixteenโ€?

I would say the anwser would be 11

Write the phrase as a variable expression 10 times a n?


Which phrase describes the variable expression 6 times w?