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055 is the biggest

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Q: Which number is larger 055 or 21?
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One number is 13 more than another and the sum of the smaller number and twice the larger number is 50 What are the numbers?

The smaller number is 8, and the larger one is 21. 8 + 13 = 21 8 + 21(2) = 50

The sum of two numbers is 21 Three times the larger is four times the smaller Find the larger number?

The larger number is 12.

What is 21 431 800 x 1 351 055 464?


Why is 21 the greatest common factor in 21 and 63?

Because 21 is a factor of 63. 21 is the greatest factor of 21. A larger number doesn't exist.

What is 21 divided by 200?


What is the telephone number of sesto meucci shoes in florence Italy?

* 39 055 361160

Is 21 feet bigger smaller or the same amount as 3 feet?

The larger number, when used with a unit such as feet, will also provide the larger measurement.

The sume of two numbers is 56 The smaller number is 14 less than the larger number What is the two numbers?

35 and 21

What is the percent decrease from 63 to 42?

33% To find out this out, subtract the larger number by the smaller number (63 - 42). Then divide the result (21) by the original number (63) and then you get the answer (21 divided by 63 = 0.333... = 33.333...%

What is 20.75 rounded?

The answer depends on the degree of rounding. To the nearest whole number, it is 21. To the nearest hundred (or larger), it is 0.

What is .055?

55 thousandths

If I divide a smaller number by a larger number will this indicate the percentage that the larger number is over the smaller number?

No, that will indicate the percentage the smaller number is of the larger number.

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