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A geo- triangle

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Q: Which piece of equipent is used with a drawing bored to draw parallel lines?
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What is a Set square used for?

Set squares are useful for drawing parallel lines and perpendicular lines.

What is the denfinition of vanshinng point?

In drawing it is the point at which parallel lines appear to converge.

What is a parallel line drawing?

It is when you draw a picture using just parallel lines without crossing them in anyway. It does not mean though that the drawing cant have darker or lighter parts. You can also use different colours and softness's of pencils, as far as it stays in a parallel line. A vital tool will be a ruler to ensure no variation of direction of the lines.

What is projection has parallel latitude lines and parallel longitude lines?

A Mercator projection has parallel latitude lines and parallel longitude lines.

When are two lines nonintersecting?

When two lines are parallel, then they do not intersect.

Are parallel lines actually parallel?

If they were not actually parallel then they would not be parallel lines!

What is meant by crossing of cheque?

crossing a cheque is a process of drawing two parallel lines on a cheque with or without certain words

Does a rectangle have parallel lines?

no parallel lines

Why does the Parthenon have no parallel lines?

it has parallel lines

What is the function of parallel lines?

parallel lines are diagonal lines or increasing lines

What is the advantage of isometric drawings?

Isometric drawings are drawn to the same scale along all three axes (x,y,z) so are useful for giving a sense of relative dimensions, and three dimensional scale. Measurements can also be taken from the drawings for items that lie along or parallel to an axis.

Does perpendicular have parallel lines?

= parallel + perpendicular As such no, perpendicular lines do not naturally have parallel lines. However...connect the lines in the symbols below. ++ ++ And you'll have 4 perpendicular lines, and 4 parallel lines.

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