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A mile is slightly longer than 1500m.

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Q: Which race is longer the 1500 meters or the mile?
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Which is longer a 1-mile race or a 1500-meter race?

One mile is longer than 1500 meters; in fact, one mile is exactly 1609.344 meters.

How much longer in percentage is a mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile race is 5,280 feet, or 1609.34 m, which is about 7% longer than a 1500 m race.

How much longer in percentage is a one mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile is 7.2% longer than 1500m

What is larger a 5000 meter race or a 4 mile race?

One mile is about 1609 meters, so four miles is about 6436 meters, so four miles is longer than 5000 meters.

Which Olympic track event is the nearest distance to a mile?

In the Olympics, the middle distance race is 1500 meters, which is 0.932 miles. The "metric mile" is 1600 meters, only slightly less than a mile, which would be 1609.344 meters.

How many lenghts must l swim in a 25 meter pool to swim 1 mile?

If you are looking to race the mile, then it is 1500 meters or 60 lengths.If you are looking to simply swim a mile, then it is 1600 meters or 64 lengths.

How long is 1500 meter race on 400 meter track?

it is about 4 laps but, the exact amount is 100 meters less than 4 laps to do a 1500. this is a mile.

Which one is distanced longer a quarter mile race or a 400 meter race?

A quarter mile is 402.336 metres. Therefore a quarter mile race is slightly longer than a 400 metre race.

How do you convert a 1600 meter race time into the equilvent 1 mile race time?

One mile equals to 1 609.344 meters. Countries that use International System of Units that imported some contests such as a mile race or a quarter mile sprint rounded the mile to 1 600 meters and its quarter to 400 meters. For practical terms you might use the 1 600 m race time as the same as the one mile race time, but for precision you may use the full conversion rate bolded above.

How many miles in 3300 meters?

2.25 miles... a 2 mile race is 3200 meters

Which is longer a meter race or a 100 yard race?

100 meters is equivalent to about 108 yards. So 100 meters is longer than 100 yards.

How many meters are in a metric mile?

The most usual distance of a metric mile is the 1500 metres race which is ran and swum in athletics and swimming events. A middle-distance US running race will usually take place over four laps of a 400 metre circuit, that is, 1600 metres.

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