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A circle

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Q: Which shape with the same area takes up the least perimeter?
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How do you work out perimeter and area?

It is different for each shape. A perimeter is the distance around an object and the area is the square units it takes up.

Which quadrilateral will give you the greatest area for the least perimeter?

A square will. The only shape that can enclose more area with the same perimeter is a circle.

What is a perimieter?

perimeter is when you have a shape and then you have your area and that is what is in the middle of the shape and perimeter is the edge of the shape.

What is the shape for a figure to have a perimeter of 20 and an area of 18?

Perimeter and area are not sufficient to determine the shape of a figure.

Is perimeter and area the same?

No , perimeter is the measurement outside of the shape; the border. Area is the measurement of inside of the shape.

What is perimeter and area?

area is the inside of a shape and the perimeter is the outside of an shape

What is the least area if the perimeter is 40?

zero is the least area and the max area, is of a circle of perimeter 40 .....

If you remove a square from the area of a shape will its perimeter get smaller?

No, the area will get smaller, not the perimeter.

What shape has the same perimeter and area?

A square has the same area and perimeter of 16cm

What is area an perimeter?

Area is the amount of square units in a 2-D shape, and perimeter is the distance around a shape

What shape has no area but perimeter?


How do you turn square feet into a perimeter?

Since square feet is a measure of area and perimeter is measured in length, you can't, without knowing at least part of the perimeter or the shape involved.

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