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Nickels, dimes are only slightly smaller in height than nickels.

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Q: Which stack has the most value a stack of nickels 150 mm high or a stack of dimes 50 mm high?
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What is worth more a million nickels or a mile high stack of nickels?

a million nickels

How many nickels in a mile high stack?

825,305 of them.

How tall is a stack of 100 nickels?

100 nickels make a stack 6.25 inches high. A nickel is 1/16 inches thick.

What is the value in dollars of a stack of dimes that is 37 cm high?

The value of the stack would depend on how worn the dimes are. If you accept that a US dime is between 1.35 and 1.40 mm thick, then the value of the stack would worth between $264.30 and $274.00. 37cm * 10 mm per cm / 1.35mm = 2740074074074074 ~ $274.00 37cm * 10 mm per cm / 1.40mm = 264.285714285714 ~ $264.30

How tall is 100 nickels stacked?

US nickels are 1.95 mm thick so 100 of them would make a stack 195 mm high. Canadian nickels are 1.76 mm thick so a stack of 100 would be 176 mm high.

How many dimes are in a stack 1 cm high?


Predict how tall a stack of 50 nickels is if every nickel is 10mm in height and explain how you would make that prediction.?

if the nickels are stacked on top of each other, the stack will become 10mm higher with every nickel so 50 nickels could be 500mm high

What is the combined height of 6 nickels?

US nickels are 1.95 mm thick. A stack of 6 would be 6*1.95 = 11.7 mm high.

Do 3 silver winged dimes dated 1941 1943 and 1944 have any real value?

== == The WWII years were high production years for U.S. coins. Just about anything from these years -- pennies, nickels, dimes, etc. -- are considered common (to collectors). However, your dimes are made out of silver, so they will always have a value for the silver they contain. As of 10/2008 that value is about 90 cents apiece.

How much are pennies nickels and dimes worth from the 1940s?

Mintages of pennies, nickels and dimes in the 1940's and 1950's was quite high, so they are considered common -- with few exceptions. In circulated condition, wheat cents are worth about 2 cents each. Steel cents from 1943 are worth 5-10 cents each. Nickels will generally have little or no added value. The exceptions being the 1942-1945 silver nickels (identified by a large P, D or S above the building on the back) that are worth about 20 cents, and the 1950-D nickel which is worth a couple dollars. There are no dimes in this time period that have any significant collector value in circulated condition. Their value will be based on the silver they contain -- currently about 40 cents apiece.

How tall is 6 nickels?

A US nickel is 1.95 mm thick, so a stack of 6 would be 11.7 mm high.

How many nickels make a stack 100 inches high?

The US and Canada are the only two major countries to call their 5¢ coins "nickels".US nickels:According to the US Mint, nickels are 1.95 mm thick. A US inch is equivalent to 25.4 mm so 100 inches are 2540 mm. Dividing those two numbers, 2540/1.95 = 1302.56, so you'd need 1303 US nickels to make a stack at least 100 inches tall.Canadian nickels:Canadian nickels are 1.76 mm thick. 2540 mm / 1.76 mm = 1443.182, so you'd need 1444 Canadian nickels for the same stack.

How many nickels make 100 inches?

Nickels are monetary units, while inchesare length units. You can't make nickels into 100 inches since these units are not related to each other! If you mean, "How many nickels make a stack 100 inches high?", please see that specific question.

How many dimes are in a yard?

- If you want to lay out a bunch of dimes carefully side by side on a straight line that's 1 yard long, then you'll need 52 of them. ($5.20 worth of dimes, 17.91 mm diam) - If you want to stack a bunch of dimes carefully onto a pile that's 1 yard high, then you'll need 678 of them, and the stack will weigh 3 pounds 6.2 ounces. ($67.80 worth of dimes, 1.35 mm thick, 2.268 grams)

How many nickels in an inch?

If you mean, "How many nickels make a stack 1 inch high?", the answer depends on whether you're using US or Canadian nickels. Coins are measured in mm so you need to know that a US inch is 25.4 mm US nickels are 1.95 mm thick so you'd need 25.4 / 1.95 = 13 coins, almost exactly. Canadian nickels are 1.76 mm thick so you'd need 25.4 / 1.76 = 14.4 coins. You can't have 0.4 of a nickel so you'd need 15 of them to make a stack at least an inch high.

How much is a mile-high stack of nickels?

One mile is 1609344 mm. A US nickel is 1.95 mm thick, so a mile-high stack would contain 1609344 / 1.95 = 825,305 coins, rounded to the next-highest whole number. Each nickel is worth 5 cents so the stack's value would be 825305 * 5 = 4126525 cents, or $41,265.25

What year nickels are worth keeping?

1942-1945 Nickels with a large mintmark (P, D or S) over the Monticello on the reverse are 35% silver and are known as War Nickels. These are worth several times face value (about $1.30 at the time of writing) and should be saved. Nickels prior to the Jefferson nickel series (such as Buffalo or "V" nickels) should be saved as they have a premium over face value. Proof nickels should be saved as should high-grade examples from the 1950s and before.

How high is a stack of 700 billion dollars?

If they are one-dollar notes, the stack would be 47.51 miles high.

You stack twelve three-quarter inch thick boards how high is the stack?

12 x 3 / 4 = 9 The stack is 9 inches high.

How much is a yard of nickels worth?

Coins are normally measured by count or by weight, so it's a bit difficult to measure them by length. First, coins dimensions are given in millimeters so a US yard has to be converted: 36 inches = 914.4 mm. Then: If you mean a yard of coins side by side, a US nickel is 21.21 mm in diameter so it would take 914.4 / 21.21 = approximately 43 nickels to be 1 yard long. A nickel is $0.05 so their value is 43 * 0.05 = $2.15 If you mean a yard of coins in a stack, nickels are 1.95 mm thick so a yard-high stack would contain 914.4 / 1.95 = 469 coins, or $23.45

What is the value of a 1964 nickel?

5 cents. The only nickels to contain silver are the "war nickels" produced from 1943-1945 with a large mintmark over the Monticello. 1964 nickels use the same composition as today, have a high mintage and are easily found in pocket change. They are worth no more than 5 cents. There were over 2 billion nickels minted that year.

What state had the biggest pancake stack measuring 2 miles high?

there wasnt a state that made a stack of pancakes 2 miles high

Is there silver in a 1947 us nickel?

No. The only nickels to contain any silver at all were the so-called "war nickels" made from mid-1942 to the end of 1945. Silver and copper replaced nickel which was needed for the war effort. The only denominations that normally contained silver were dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars. Silver was removed from dimes and quarters in 1965 because the price of silver was so high the coins were worth more than face value and could be sold to metal dealers at a profit. The silver content of the half dollar was reduced to 40%, and finally in 1971 was changed to copper-nickel like the other coins.

What are 1934 dimes worth?

1934 is a high mintage year for dimes and most are valued for the silver only, about $1.00

How high would a stack of 100.00 dollars bills be to equal one trillion dollars?

The stack would be about 678.66 miles high.

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