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More than 40 percent of the compressor industry's workforce is located in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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What states have the most companies in the electromedical and electro-therapeutic apparatus industry?

California led all other states in electromedical device production, manufacturing 19 percent of the industry's total shipments and employing 15 percent of the industry's total workforce.

What percent of the employed workforce works for government?

Approximately 5-6 percent, though figures differ by source (assuming you mean the United States government)

Which states had most of the fans and blowers industry workers?

Ohio, Illinois, California, and North Carolina were the leading states in employment, employing approximately 33 percent of the total industry workers.

What is the percentage of explosives consumed by the coal industry?

the coal industry consumed 67 percent of explosives manufactured in the United States in the late 1990s and remained the largest application for explosives use in the United States.

What states have workforce solutions?

Texas and New Mexico are the only states that have Workforce Solution departments. You can visit their local offices to find out more specific information.

Where is the apparel belts industry concentrated?

Four states provided more than 70 percent of industry jobs: New York, California, Texas, and Connecticut.

Which industry used the most feldspar?

roughly 70 percent of all feldspar (including aplite) sold or consumed in the United States is in the glass-making industry,

What is the importance of the hospitality industry to the national economy?

The hospitality industry, in the United States, accounts for 18 percent of the national economy. This amounts to almost $2 trillion.

About how many farms are in the state of Vermont?

In 2007 there were 1,087 dairy farms, 128 organic vegetable farms and only three percent of the States workforce are involved in agriculture.

What is the American legislation on safety and health for the workforce?

The primary legislation in the United States on health and safety for the workforce is the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Many states also have legislation in this area.

What is the commercial use of titanium?

In 1995 an estimated 65 percent of the titanium metal produced in the United States was used in aerospace applications. The remaining 35 percent was used in the chemical processing industry.

How concentrated is the gold production industry?

Of all the gold produced by the United States in 2001, almost 99 percent came from 30 mines.

What western states have cattle herding as a primary industry?

Which western states have cattle as a primary industry

How big is the insurance industry in the United States?

During 1992, over $276 billion, or 43 percent, of the $649 billion in non-life insurance premiums in the world were written in the United States

How may rice milling be described as a regional industry?

six states produce 99 percent of all rice grown in the United States: Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.

What marketshare of the horse industry does Kentucky have?

As of 2002, the state of Kentucky accounted for five percent of total equine sold and 37 percent of the total value of these sales. It also housed nearly 30 percent all registered foals in the United States

Largest industry in the US?

largest industry in the United States

How much recycling is there in the paper industry?

Americans recovered about 45 percent of all paper used in the United States, and the paper industry had set a goal to recover more than half of all paper in use by the year 2000.

What percentage of US workforce are government workers?

1 out of every 7 workers is a government employee ! Many States (like New York) have a percentage higher than 16 % of their workforce.

What portion of shoes are women's shoes?

In relation to the overall footwear industry, women's models accounted for about 30 percent of all shoes produced by manufacturers in the United States

What is the major industry of the US?

whats the major industry if the united states of America

Does Mexico have more farmers than the United States?

Yes. Mexico has 13.4% of its workforce dedicated to agriculture (7 million out of 52.9 million for 2015). In contrast, the United States has 0.7% of its workforce dedicated to farming, forestry and fishing (1.09 million out of 156 million)

How did the wet corn milling industry grow between 1987 and 1995?

Wet corn milling in the United States grew by more than 50 percent from 1987 to 1995

Which Indian state leads in commerce and industry?

which of the following states leads in commerce and industry

What did the united stAtes government do after declaring war?

transformed peacetime industry into war industry

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