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Q: Who was the first nation to have excess of 50 percent of its workforce in service industries?
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Why do you think service-producing industries are growing faster than goods-producing industries?

Service producing industries are growing faster because they have a lower overhead. With a lower overhead, they can reinvest the excess money.

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This definition reflects the idea that unemployment is an excess supply of labor. This is illustrated by Figure four.Figure 4 -- Unemployment as Excess SupplyFigure 4 shows the supply and demand for labor in one particular industry. When there is a high level of unemployment in the economy, most industries would have excess supplies as shown here. This is the excess supply interpretation of unemployment.The economic effect of excess labour supply1. Higher wages: In a developed areas, a rightward shift in the supply of labour will cause a reduction in the economic profit of the firm and will result in rightward shift in the average rate per goods.

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