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The square root of zero is zero and the square root of one is one. No other real numbers have square roots equal to themselves. In other words, the solution set to x=x2 is {0,1}

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Q: Which two numbers have square roots equal to themselves?
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What are rational numbers whose square roots are whole numbers called?

Rational numbers whose square roots are whole numbers are themselves whole numbers. They are called square numbers, e.g. 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 and so on.

Why are some numbers called square roots?

they are called square numbers because, the numbers that are being multiplied by itself(5x5=25)would equal its' sum OR answer. These numbers would be a perfect square.

Are all square roots of even numbers rational?

No. The square roots 8 are irrational, as are the square roots of most even numbers.

Are all square numbers also composite numbers explain?

Every square number (except 1) is composite. Prime numbers only have two factors, one and the numbers themselves. Since square numbers also have at least the square roots as factors, they have to be composite.

Why don't negative numbers have square roots?

They can, but they are called imaginary numbers. This is because a "square" of something is the number that, when multiplied by itself, will equal the first number. A negative multiplied by a negative equals a positive, and positives can't turn into negatives on their own, so there are no square roots of negative numbers.

Numbers with square root that are whole numbers?

Numbers with square roots that are whole numbers

What are the squars roots?

square roots are nombers times themselves

What are positive square roots called?

They are called real numbers. Negative square roots must be complex numbers.

Are all square roots rational numbers?

No. Lots of square roots are not rational. Only the square roots of perfect square numbers are rational. So for example, the square root of 2 is not rational and the square root of 4 is rational.

Are all square roots are irrational numbers?

No. The square roots of perfect squares are rational.

What are two numbers that equal the square root of 3?

The square root of any non-square number is always irrational, so there is no way to use numbers (other than square roots, surds and squares) to show it precisely.

What are equal factors?

square roots