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You usually need all three primary functions.

The sine and cosine functions are used to resolve the vector along orthogonal axes, and the tangent function is used to find its direction.

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Q: Which two trigonometric functions are used for analyzing vectors?
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What is a sentence using the word trigonometric?

The sine and cosine are both trigonometric functions. Trigonometric calculations are used in many branches of engineering.

Are trigonometric functions used to find the acute angles of a right triangle?

they can be, depending on the information that you are given. If you know lengths of sides, then YES.

What are some examples of trigonometric functions in everyday life?

ocean waves/ sound waves and it is also used in finding out the distances between planets and all.

In Mathematics what is meant by the Fourier series?

The Fourier series is a specific type of infinite mathematical series involving trigonometric functions that are used in applied mathematics. It makes use of the relationships of the sine and cosine functions.

How do you use vectors?

Vectors are used to denote or model directions.

Can viruses be used as vectors in gene therapy?

Yes they are used in gene therapy as vectors.

How are vectors used?

in maths

How artificial chromosomes are used as cloning vectors with example?

how artificial chromosome are used as cloning vectors with example?

How does a scientific calculator compute the value of sin 41.5 degrees?

Trigonometric functions are calculated using a polynomial approximation. The exact polynomial used may be different on different calculators.

What are the applications of Parallelogram law of vectors?

The law is used to add vectors to find the resultant of two or more vectors acting at a point.

What is the trigonometric of theta?

In trigonometric problems, the Greek letter theta is often used to designate an angle that has not been measured. It is a lot like the way the letter x is used in algebra.

Resultant velocity is calculated using which two math functions?

"addition and subtraction"Resultant velocity refers to the sum of all vectors in an equation. The two math functions that are used to calculate the resultant velocity are addition and subtraction.

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