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Being a divisor isn't an inherent property of a number. Rather, whether or not a number serves as a divisor depends on how a fraction is formulated. For example, in the fraction 18/6, 18 is the dividend, or the number being divided, 6 is the divisor, or the number the dividend is being divided by, and 3 is the quotient, or the result of the division.

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Q: Which would be a divisor 0.15 or 0.12?
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001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 020, 021, 022 and 023.

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.025 is thicker than .012

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What does 015 equal to?

015 = 15

How do you write 6 015 103?

I write 6 015 103 as 6 015 103.

How many grams would occupy 12mL?

.012 grams

What is the percent for 012?

012 = 12 = 1200%

What would be 012 in mm?

The question depends on the units used for 012: feet, metres, kilometres, light years, ... . And since you have not bothered to share that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

What is the greatest common divisor of 25 and 45?

5 Remember that Divisor = Factor since lets say 50/25=2, the divisor would be 25, and if you multiply 25 by 2, you would get 50, so in this situation 25 and 45 have 5 as the greatest common divisor

How much is 015 of one percent?

Since 015 = 15, 015 of 1% = 15 of 1% = 15% or 0.15

Is 12.5 equal to 012 or 4?

12.5 is not equal to 012 or to 4.

What is 015 percent equal too?

015% = 15% is equal to 0.15

What is 012 in standard form?

The standard for of 012 is just 12 - without the zero.If you mean .012 (some signs get eliminated in questions), that already IS the standard form.

What is index divisor?

The index divisor is used to adjust the index for corporate actions that would affect the index level but would not reflect changes in market conditions.

How do you write 12 thousandths decimal form?


When dividing decimals the divisor must always be a?

The divisor must always be a whole number. If it is not already, then you must multiply both the the divisor and dividend by ten until the divisor is no longer a decimal. For example, let's say you have to divide 1.0/0.5 . The divisor in this case would be 0.5 . To multiply by ten, simply move the decimal over to the right one space. That would leave you with 5.0, but since you have to do it on both sides, the final expression would look like this: 10/5 .

What is .015 as a fraction?

.015 as a fraction is 15/1000. In simplified form it is 3/200.

What is the divisor of this problem 5.8divide2 equals 2.9?

In long division, the divisor is the number outside the division sign (it's the number that the first number is being divided by). So in this problem, the divisor would be 2.

What is the divisor of the division problem 6 divided in to 2 equals 3?

if you meant 6 divided by 2 equals three the divisor would be 6

How do you determine remainder of divisor of 63?

To determine the remainder, you would take 63 and see how many times your divisor fits into it. That will give you a number, which when multiplied by the divisor will be less than 63, and smaller than the divisor. Subtract the result of your divisors times your quotient from 63, and that number is the remainder.

What would 18 be as a divisor?

1/18 or 0.0555...

What is .015 in money?


What would happen if the remainder was greater than the divisor?

the quotient would be wrong