Who birthday is on pi day?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Pi day is on March 14th or 3/14. This is because an approximation of the number pi is 3.14

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Q: Who birthday is on pi day?
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Is my birthday in pi?

Everyone's birthday is in Pi! You can go to to find out where in Pi it is. Happy Pi Day!!

Who is birthday is also on pi day?


Why do we celebrate Pi Day and Einstein's birthday on the same day?

Pi day is March 14, or 3/14 because Pi starts 3.14.... We celebrate peoples birthday on the day they were born. Einstein was born on March 14th so we celebrate his, and everyone else who was born on March 14th, on Pi day.

What famous historical person's birthday is on Pi Day?

Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day which was March 14th 1879

What was Albert Einsteins favorite day?

It was Pi Day which is March 14th the day of his birthday.

What famous mathematician's birthday is on Pi day?

Albert einstein

Which famous mathematicians birthday is on the same date as pie day?

Albert Einstein's birthday is on pi day which is March 14th

What special day is on march 14?

Pi day, Albert Einstein's birthday, also the most important of all my birthday!!!!! (LONG LIVE THE PISES)

Why is Albert Einstein celebrated on pi day?

His birthday is March 14...aka 3.14

What is your birthday in pi?

If your birthday is 10/20/30 you look throw the digits of Pi to find 102030. Your Pi birthday is the location of 102030 (For example). The location of 102030 is 640400.

Why is albert Einstein remember?

For his famous equation: E = mc squared and his birthday was on Pi Day which is March 14th

When is pi day and what is celebrated on that day?

Pi day is on March 14th, because Pi=3.14 It is just a day to celebrate pi