Who calculated the value of pi?

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Q: Who calculated the value of pi?
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What value of pi did the Egyptians calculate?

The Egyptians calculated pi to be 3.16.

Who calculated the value of pi as 3.1416?


Which Indian mathematician calculated value of the pi?


Which first Indian mathematician calculated the value of pi?

The value of pie calculated by first Indian scientist Baudhayana

What is the value of pi now?

Approximately 3.141592653589793238462, pi has been calculated to 1.24 trillion digits. Source:

Who first calculated value of pi?

Archimedes (287-212 BC) was the first to have had a serious attempt at calculating pi.

How can the circumference of a circle be calculated?

The circumference of a circle can be calculated by multiplying pi by the diameter of the circle. For example if the diameter is 10 then the calculation will be pi x 10 = answer. The most commonly used value for pi is 3.14

The value of pi was first calculated by Budhayana?

No, the value of pi was not first calculated by Budhayana. It is debated who the first person was to calculate it. However, it is believed that Archimedes was the first to calculate it using polygons, while Ptolemy was the first to assigned it its current value directly.

What value is closest to the area of a circle with a 3-inch raduis explain?

There can be no "closest" value. The area is pi*r^2 Using pi = 3.14 gives the area as 28.26 sq inch Using pi = 3.14159265358979 (Excel default), gives the area as 28.2743338823081 sq inches which will be closer to the true area. The value of pi has been calculated to over 10 trillion digits and each additional digit in the value of pi gives a value for the area which is closer to the true value. . And, the value of pi can be calculated to still greater accuracy which would give a closer answer.

Who were the first people to know to find the value of pi?

The ancient Babylonians from around 1700 BC used pi = 3.125. The name of the person who calculated that value was not recorded.

What scientist calculated the value of pi?

Lots of people did this; the accuracy increased over time.

How far can pi go so far?

pi is endless! Edit: The value of Pi has so far been calculated to more than two million places.

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