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it Archimedes bro!

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Who invented a square root spiral in maths?

Theodorus invented this spiral.

What was hypatia famous for?

For her astronomy & her maths.

Why is Albert Einstein famous for maths?

He is not. He is famous for popularizing relativistic physics.

What maths was Florence Nightingale famous for?


What made Archimedes a famous mathematician?

he loved maths

Who is famous lady maths scientist in India?

Shakuntala Devi

What animal builds spiral chamber?

There are quite a few animals that build a spiral chamber. One of these many famous animals is the sea snail.

Did Pythagoras want to be famous?

no, Pythagoras don't want to be famous because he only want to improve maths

What made Leonardo Fibonacci famous?

What made him famous was the fact that he discovered the Fibonacci Spiral which appears almost everywhere in nature

Why was Leonardo da Vinci's art famous?

Yes Leonardo is mainly famous for his art, carvings, maths and his science inventions.

What area of maths is hypatia of Alexandria famous for?

I think she was able to do any math category.

What type of galaxy is your system in?

A spiral galaxy.A spiral galaxy.A spiral galaxy.A spiral galaxy.

What did Sir Isaac Newton do to become famous in maths?

Isaac Newton became famous in mathematics, in part, through his invention of a form of the calculus.

What shape does an spiral galaxy have?

First of all, it's a spiral galaxy, not an spiral galaxy. Second, a spiral galaxy would have a spiral shape, obviously.

Is a barred spiral galaxy a type of spiral galaxy?

Yes. A barred spiral galaxy is a type of spiral galaxy.

Shall you get guidance for school maths Malayalam?

Please check the famous Malayalam blog for your need!

What is leibnitzs?

he is a famous maths matitian, he of course, made calculus cos he's just cool eh8)

Is spiral frog legal?

yes Spiral frog is legal. yes Spiral frog is legal. how do you delete spiral frog

What part of speech is the word spiral?

"Spiral" can be a noun as in, "The spring is in the shape of a spiral", or it can be a verb as in, "He would eventually spiral out of control."

What is a spiral worm?

what is a spiral wprm

What shape does a spiral galaxy have?

A spiral

How do you say math in French?

les mathsLes maths = mathsles maths

What are the 2 types of spiral galaxy?

a bard spiral and a spiral abard spiral looks like a bar going through the nucleus

Is a spiral galaxy symmetrical?

Considering the fact that a spiral galaxy is indeed a spiral, I will say no.

What is a spiral band?

a spiral band (spiral rainband) is bands of heavy rain showers that spiral inward toward the storms eye (center)