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Dont know who is 'responsible' but the loss if reported to an insurance company would not be covered. //

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Q: Who is responsible for dirt giving way under a fence when one yard is uphill from the other?
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Can a lien be put on a property where one owner pays for a block wall -fence- that separates 2 properties -along property line- and the other owner does not pick up half of the cost?

no it cant both owners have to consent to paying for the fence or the one that has the fence put up is responsible.

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If you put up a fence on your property does the neighbor on the other side of the fence have the right to paint attach to or alter your fence?

Find your exact property line..... then come on your side of it just a few inches and then the entire fence is on your property as opposed to building right on the property line where it would be on both properties.

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