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What other sciences have been responsible for the development of statistics?

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Which scientist used mathematical knowledge to calculate the exact measurement of the meter

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Q: What other sciences have been responsible for the development of statistics?
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name any two social sciences other then sociology which study human life in a society Other social sciences include psychology, and anthropology.

What is the difinition of biostatistic study design?

Biostatistics is the branch of statistics responsible for the proper interpretation of scientific data generated in biology, public health and other health sciences. Biostatistics is particularly concerned with disentangling different sources of variation and seeks to distinguish between correlation and causation.

What is biostatics?

This is a branch of statistics used for interpretation of scientific data generated in the public health, biology and other health sciences. The specialists who do biostatics are called biostatisticians.

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Economics is strongly linked to finance, and makes use of mathematics and statistics, so I do not see how it can be isolated.

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Firstly, political science is not a natural science, so it bears a weaker relationship than other natural sciences. Political science draws on some of the methods (e.g.) mathematics and statistics) and philosophies (e.g.) positivism) from the natural sciences but, for the most part, relies on its own counterparts.

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relation of history to other sciences

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Is philosophy is related to other sciences or not?

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Besides Physical Sciences, there are 3 other branches of science. These are Social Sciences, Formal Sciences and Applied Sciences.

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There is a great relationship between education and other sciences. Education can help you learn about the other sciences for example.

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