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Matt Murray

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Q: Who is the worlds smartest person at math?
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Who is the smartest person at math in the world that is still living?

Matt Murray

What does Shiroman mean?

It means worlds smartest

What is the worlds smartest town called?


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Was albert Einstein the smartest in math?

Einstein was a phycisist, not a mathematician. As a phycisist, he certainly was one of the smartest. He must also have been above-average in math, otherwise he couldn't have done the calculations that he had to do. But he has not gone down in history as 'the smartest in math'.

Worlds smartest people in the world?

Daniel and Sam

What is the smartest and fastest animal in the world?

the cheetah is the worlds fastest land animal the orangutan is the smartest animal

What did people do to the smartest man in the worlds brain?

Legend has it that when the smartest man in the world died they put his brain in a jar .

What is the worlds smartest cell phone?

the samsung galaxy sII

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She is the smartest

Who was or is the smartest person in the world?

Aaliya Khan was the smartest person in the world. she was 121 yrs old and the oldest and smartest person ever in the world.

Who is the second smartest person in the world?

The second smartest person is probably Stephen Hawkins