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The square root of 48 can be written as 48 with a square root sign over it, 48 to the 1/2 power, a decimal equivalent (6.92...), or simplified as 4 square-roots of 3.

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Is -169 a square root?

Square roots are + or - . So the best way to write this square root is ± 169.

Is the square root of 2 written in surd form?

That is the only way to write it exactly.

How do you simplify square root of 72 and square root of 2?

Well, there technically is not a way to simplify the square root of 2, but the simplified version of the square root of 72 is 6 square root 2

What is the sign of the square root of -1?

In the same way that the square root of 25 can be -5 OR +5, the square root of -1 is -i or +i.

Is there an algebraic way to write the square root of x?

Yes, there are several. using the square root sign is the most common, but for some purposes using the power of half - i.e. x0.5 - is easier to think about.

How do you write the square root of 27 as a power of three?

since 27=3x3x3=33 then 27.5 which is just another way of saying the square root of 27, then 27.5=3(3)(.5)=31.5

How do you find the square root of 225?

The same way you find the square root of any number. The fastest way would be to type 225, followed by the square root key, in a calculator.

Why do you square the deviation and find the square root of the sum of the square root?

because ur supposed to do it thAt way buddy

What is the square root of 40 plus 9?

Square root(40) = 6.3 6.3 + 9 = 15.3 Unless you mean it this way (square root of 49): Square root(49) = 7.0

Is there an algebraic way to write the square root of x is greater than x?

Sqroot x > x if x<1.

What is the square root of 450?

One easy way to find out the answer to almost any math question, is to write it in your Google search bar. All you have to write is "square root of 450" and Google will give you an exact answer. This also works for multiplication etc. You can also write it out with words and get the same response. Hope this helps!

Is the square root 2 rectangle a square?

The square root of two, while an irrational number, is indeed a square. It is the same as asking if the square root of 4 (2 X 2) a square (it is). By the way, the square root of two is approximately 1.41421356. Hope that helped!

How do you find the square root of a variable with an odd numbered exponent?

The same way as you find the square root with an even-numbered exponent. For example, the square root of x10 is x5. That is, divide the exponent by 2. Similarly, the square root of x7 is x3.5. Once again, you simply calculate one-half of the exponent. If you prefer to express this with integer exponents and square roots, in this example you can write x3.5 as x3x0.5. The second part, x0.5, is equivalent to the square root of "x".

How do you find the square root of 117?

Use a calculator with a square root button on it ;) By the way, Google said 10.8166538

Is the number 36 a square root of 6?

The other way round because the square root of 36 is 6

What is the square root of x plus the square root of y?

X^1/2 + Y^1/2 Essentially it is just the square root of x plus the square root of y, there's no real way of simplifying that.

What is the simplest way to express the square root of 600?

10 root 6

How do you write in algebra way 8 is three more than 2?

Because the square root of infinity is bigger than the square root of pi and if you combust those two answers by E=MC2 , you get 8 divided by 3 is 2.

How do you simplifying square roots?

It might be best to answer this with an example. Look at the square root of 8. To simplify it we notice that 8 is 2x4 and that 4 is a perfect square. So we can simplify the square root by taking the 4 out of the radical sign and writing it as 2xsquare root of 2. Perhaps a better way to think of this is that is you have square root of a x square root of b, that is the square root of (ab). So if we have square root of 8 that is the same as square root of 4 x square root of 2 and square root of 4 is 2 so the answer is 2xsquare root of 2. In general, look for perfect squares and factor them out of the number so they can be removed from the square root.

How do you write meter square?

You write meter squared, or square meter, this way: m2 .

What is the square root of 48AB to the power of 2?

if you're squaring a square root, your're getting the number back. lets say it was square root (49)2 the square root of 49 is 7, 7 2 is 49 if you do it the other way 492=2352, this square root is 49, so the answer is 48AB

What is the square root of 8 simplified?

Square roots, simplifiedWhen you are asked for a simplified square root of some number, the answer is expected to be in radical form, not in decimal form. For example, 3 radical 2 (or three square roots of two) is the simplified square root of 18.So, let's look at this one: the square root of 8.The factors of 8 are 4 and 2. (8 and 1 are also factors, but those are not helpful.) So we can say that the square root of 8 is equal to the square root of (4 times 2):SQT(8) = SQT(4 * 2)This can be written another way:SQT(8) = SQT(4) * SQT(2)Since 4 is a perfect square whose square root is 2, we can write the equation above this way:SQT(8) = 2 * SQT(2)In English, that's "The square root of 8 is 2 square roots of 2" or "The square root of 8 is 2 times the square root of 2" or "The square root of 8 is 2 radical 2."What's this radical business? Well, I can't draw the radical sign here, so I've been using the SQT(x) convention. That is equal to an x under a radical sign.By the way, 2 times the square root of 2 is 2.828, if you are wondering.

Square root of x 3?

The square root of x3 is x3/2 or x1.5. Either way it means sqrt(x3).

What is the difference between finding the square root of a number or finding the square of a number?

The square of number is a *a ( a number times itself ). For example, 4*4=16, so the square of 4 is 16. the square root is the number before you square it. The square root of 16 is 4. It actually simple to remember this way: think of the root as the root of a tree, growing to multiply itself.

How do you solve a square root without trial and error?

If you want a mathematical way to solve square roots that isn't trial and error, you probably need an algorithim. There are many ways to do this, and if you aren't satisfied with my way, or don't understand search for square root algorithims and you will find millions of ways.