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he was a Greek philosopher

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Q: Who was Aristotle and what did he do and find out?
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How can you find more information about Aristotle?

There are many places where one can find more information about Aristotle. One can find more information about Aristotle at popular on the web sources such as Ancient Greece and Good Reads.

Did Aristotle find gravity?

nope. sir isaac newton

Where would you look to find more info about Aristotle?

When did Aristotle find his atomic theory?

When he gave Joseph Willingham a Blumpkin(;

When was Aristotle exiled from Athens?

He was killed by a scared messanger when he was trying to find out the equation to the circumference of circles. There was an army invading and a messenger was sent to tell Aristotle. Aristotle said"DON'T DISTURB MY CIRCLES!!!!!" and the scared messenger murdered him.

What did Aristotle believe about tragedy?

It is impossible to answer you question in a line or two. Aristotle wrote a whole book (his Poetics) as he tried to define tragedy. See if you can find a condensed version - you could try looking on t he Internet for 'Aristotle's definition of tragedy' or 'Aristotle's Poetics'. Good luck!

Is there anything named after Aristotle?

There are quite a few places named after Aristotle including the Aristotle (municipality), in Chalkidiki, Greece, Aristotle Lane Oxford England, Aristotle Mountains Antarctica, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece, and Platia Aristotle (Aristotle Square), Thessaloniki Greece.

How did Aristotle teach that people could use logic?

Aristotle taught logic by giving his students riddles and had them logically work through to find the answer. His students learned about logic by using it.

What did Aristotle find out about atoms?

Since it is on your test my guess is that it is in your textbook. So you better get reading.

What did aristole believe about the atom?

help me find Aristotle when he found the atoms please help me!!!!!!!!!

Did Aristotle teach that people should find their function?

yess he did, government odyssey ware.

Who compared 158 governments to find the best one and then wrote the book Politics?