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a regular polygon has to have congruent angles as well as equal lengths

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Q: Why can't we just say that a polygon is a regular polygon if all the sides are the same length?
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Are all regular polygons squares?

Yes. By definition, a regular polygon is a polygon that has all its sides the same length and all its angles equal. A square has all four sides the same length and all four angles equal to 90 degrees. So every square is a regular polygon.

Why is it impossible for a regular polygon to have an interior angle of 123 degrees?

because it cant

How do you determine if a polygon is a regular polygon?

it has to be made out of strait lines so no curves and it has to be closed last it has to be flat it cant be 3D

How is polygon drawn?

A polygon is simply a shape that follows certain rules.. if the rules are followed then it is then a Polygon Rules: 1. Must have sides that are not curved (cant be a circle) 2. must be closed off (all sides connected) 3. At least 3 sides

What a shape with 4 sides and no length?

Cant find it

What is the largest polygon and how many sides?

Uhmm there is a polygon with over 50 sides, and i learned about it in my math class. but im sorry, i cant remember the SUPER LONG name of it.. im really sorry about that... lol

Why must a polygon have 3 or more sides and angles?

A polygon must be a closed region without any curves or arches. so you cant close one or two segments to form a polygon

What is an open polygon?

No it CANT be a polygon because its open a polygon has to be close

How many sides dose a polygon triangle have?

i you cant answer that, you must be in kindergarden. Anyway, a polygon is a 2-D figure with sides that do not intersect, are not curved, and all touch each other. A triangle is a type of polygon with...well...the root tri inplies it has three of something. the word angle says it has angles. so it has three angles. if it has three angles it has three sides. durr. /\ A triangle ==> / \ / \ --------

What is the difference between a regular-shaped solid and an irregular-shaped solid?

the difference between the an irregular and regular solids are that an irregular solid has sides that are not even and you cant measuer with a ruler and you can not measuer it exactly. a regular solid you can measure without a problem with a ruler.

Why cant a regular polygon have interior angles measuring 80 degrees?

The formula for the size of the interior angle for a regular polygon is 180°(n-2)/n, where n is the number of edges, i.e. a whole number. If we set this equal to 80° then we get 180°(n-2)/n=80°180°n-360°=80°n100°n=360°n=3.6which isn't a whole number. So no regular polygon can have an interior angle of size 80°.

Is the circle a polygon?

i think it is .but it is my extinct and i cant explain.