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No it CANT be a polygon because its open a polygon has to be close

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Q: What is an open polygon?
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Is an open shape a polygon?

No, it is not.

What is a open polygon?

A polygon, by definition, is a closed figure. So a closed polygon is an undefined object.

If a polygon is open does the open side count as 2 sides?

To answer your question first here is the definition of polygon "a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides " So it makes no sense to count the sides in an open polygon since it is really not a polygon.

What is an open figure?

an open figure is a polygon that is not completely closed.

Is a bow tie shape a polygon?

As long as it doesn't have open or curved edges, it is a polygon. Go look polygon up in the dictionary! By:SupeRMAn

Can a irregular polygon be open?

then it wouldn't be considered a oplygon

What is the opposite to a convex polygon?

An open curve, perhaps.

What degree does a polygon add up to?

It depends on which kind of Polygon your talking about. Like a square is 360 degrees. As long as a shape has no curved or open lines, it's a polygon.

Why is a regular pentagon a polygon?

A regular pentagon has straight sides and is closed so its a polygon. Any shape with straight sides and is closed is a polygon. Example O (circle) has curved lines so its not a polygon L (square) is open therefore it is not a polygon.

What is a shape with crossing lines or open sides but not a polygon?

parallel lines.

What is the name of a polygon with 8 sides?

OCTAGON spelled exactly how it is.For extra a polygon is a shape that...:Has no open spacesAlways has straight linesCannot intersect

What. is a shape with crossing lines or open sides not a polygon?

It could be a plus (+) sign

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