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Q: Why can't you walk or run in a straight line after spinning?
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How do you walk in a straight line if you are lost?

Walk forward in a straight line.

What is the use of walking in the line?

its called a D.U.I. You walk the line so the police can tell if your drunk or not, it you walk straight your sober, if not your drunk (If you not a clutz like me and can never walk in a straight line.)

Why can't we walk in a straight line?

We can

If you walk in a straight line when will you get home?

never. your hopeless

How do ants walk in a straight line?

health and safety issues

What is straight line in humanities?

It is human nature to walk in a circle instead of walking in a straight line. This was discovered during an experiment conducted by Jan Souman. Jan blindfolded people and told them to walk in a straight line on different terrains. The reasons for this are unknown at this time.

Why can't you walk in a straight line when blindfolded?

Because you can't see...

What is a sentence using the word straight?

I struggle to walk in a straight line when I've drunk too much Guinness.

What is the formula for determining blood alcohol content?

Try to walk a straight line.

What are the release dates for MythBusters - 2003 Walk a Straight Line - 11.3?

MythBusters - 2003 Walk a Straight Line - 11.3 was released on: USA: 12 October 2011 Australia: 23 January 2012 Finland: 28 November 2012

A straight curve with no end points?

You had us baffled at "straight curve" . Could you mean if you start at the north pole, walk in a straight line, you will eventually get back to the north pole and round in a circle. Hence a straight line but no end points.

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