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Because there are 360 degrees around a circle.

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Q: Why do all circles have the same number of degrees on a protractor?
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What instrument measures angles in degrees?

A protractor is one such instrument. Navigational aides that do the same include compasses and sextants.

How do you create three different drawings showing a number of circles and triangles in which the ratio of circles to triangles is 2 3?

For each drawing . . .-- Draw a small number of circles.-- Draw that same number of circles again.-- Draw that same number of triangles three times.To create a different drawing, do exactly the same thing,but start out with a different small number.

How many semicircles run from pole to pole?

Geometry teaches there are an infinite number of semi-circles for a sphere. Hence in the grid system that creates the longitude lines that form semi-circles, it becomes the same as what is taught in geometry = infinite number. If you limit yourself to using a llimited definition to units of whole degrees, then 360 semi-circles. However, I suspect that the answer you need is Infinite.

What are circles with the same radius?

Circles with the same radius are congruent circles.

How many common external tangent can be drawn to two concentric circles?

If the circles have the same radius then an infinite number, and if they do not, then none.

Circles in the same plane with the same center?

Circles in the same plane with the same center are concentric circles.

Are circles in the same plane and having the same center congruent circles?

Yes, it is. Circles that are in the same plane and having the same center are called congruent circles.

Will you get the same answer in math with different sizes of protractor?

Yes, except that the larger protractor should give a greater degree of precision.

Is the line of latitude 20 degree north?

The equator is the line of zero latitude, and it circles the 'middle' of the earth. For every latitude number between zero and 90 degrees, there are two lines with the same number ... one north of the equator and one south of it.

What are Circles having same centre but different radii called?

Concentric circles are circles with the same common centre.

What is a protractor angle?

A "protractor" is a device that can be used to draw angles of a specified size, or measure the size of unknown angles, in the same way that a "ruler" is used to do the same thing with lines.

What do vertical angles have the same of?

same measure ... number of degrees