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Concentric circles are circles with the same common centre.

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concentric circles

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Q: What are Circles having same centre but different radii called?
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What is A line segment drawn through the center of the circle with endpoint on the circle?

A line segment drawn through the centre of a circle and having endpoints on the circumference of that circle is called the diameter. Notably, a line segement with one endpoint at the centre of the circle and one anywhere on the circumference of the circle is called the radius, and is exactly half the length of the diameter.

A triangle having three sides of different length?

I believe that is called a Scalene triangle.

What is an equivalent vector?

Two vectors having same magnitude but different direction are called equivalent vectors.

What is the main difference between keplers system and the Copernicus system?

Copernicus's system used circles and epicycles, just like the ancient Ptolemaic system, with the difference that by placing the Sun at the centre Copernicus could simplify the complicated paths taken by the planets through space. Kepler had the advantage of new accurate observations made by Tycho Brahe at the end of the 16th century, and these enabled Kepler to realise that by using elliptical orbits for the planets, the modelled positions could be fitted more closely with the measured positions. Kepler retained the idea of having the Sun at the centre and it is the model used today with slight modifications from Einstein's theory of relativity.

What is the main difference between Kepler's system and Copernicus system?

Copernicus's theory has the Sun at the centre but uses a model of circles and epicycles in the same way that the ancient Ptolemaic one used. Kepler continued to use the idea of having the Sun at the centre but, with the help of Tycho Brahe's new accurate observations, Kepler discovered that elliptical orbits allowed a better fit to the observed positions. Tycho instructed Kepler to work on the orbit of Mars, which was a real piece of luck because Mars's orbit is more elliptical than the other planets' orbits (except Mercury). This led Kepler to the idea of the ellipse, which is the model used today.

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What are concentrate circles?

AnswerThat would be circles with different sizes, having the same center.AnswerConcentric circles have a common center and different radii.Bulls eye could be an example of concentric circles.ans; Concentric circles are nothing but 2or more circles having common center but having different radius.Source:

Are circles in the same plane and having the same center congruent circles?

Yes, it is. Circles that are in the same plane and having the same center are called congruent circles.

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Why do the equations for circles and ellipses have fewer terms when they are centered at the origin of the graph?

The equation is based on having a centre at the origin. Moving the centre means you have to define where it is in relation to the origin, hence the extra terms involved in that job.

What are circles having the same center?

concentric circles

Circles having the same center?

Concentric Circle

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What do you call the two or more circles having congruent radii?

A detripage

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They are called isotopes.

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What does concentric mean?

Concentric means having a common center, such as circles within circles where each one shares the same central point.

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