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Circles with the same radius are congruent circles.

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Q: What are circles with the same radius?
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Related questions

Can 2 circles be congruent?

2 circles can be congruent. The have to have the same radius.

What do you call two circles with the same radius?

congruent circles

Is it true that circles with a radius of Cm have circumferences of the same length?

Yes, it is true. Any circles with the same radius will have the same circumference as well.

Two circles are congruent if they have the same?

The same radius.

Circles with the same radius are called?


Do concentric circles have the same circles?

No. You can only define a circle by radius, diameter, area, perimeter. Concentric circles have the same centre, therefore, if they were the same circles with the same radius, then they would all lie on top of each other and be effectively one circle.

Is concentric circle and congruent circle are they same?

No. Concentric circles have the same centre but not [usually] the same radius. Congruent circles have the same radius, but not [usually] the same centre. If you have two concentric congruent circles one will be exactly on top of the other.

What word would you use to describe two circles of different radius but of the same center?

They are said to be concentric circles.

Are circles sometimes never or always similar?

Circles are congruent when they have the same radius and they are similar when their radii are different in lengths.

If two circles have the same center one with a 3 centimeter radius the other with a 1 centimeter radius What is the equidistant from the two circles?

If you create third circle with radius 2, then all the points on that circle would be equidistant form both circles. So the answer is a circle with radius 2.

What is the intersection of two circles called?

mandorla or vesica piscis (if they have the same radius)

How many common external tangent can be drawn to two concentric circles?

If the circles have the same radius then an infinite number, and if they do not, then none.

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