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Ice is less dense than water so it floats on water. This is useful because it insulates the remainder of the water but also means that aquatic life will not die as they would if water froze upwards.

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Q: Why do pond freezes from top to bottom instead of bottom up?
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Is their more pond cells on the top of a pond or bottom or middle?

in the middle because tthere is more water.

How aquatic life is possible in frozen pond?

Aquatic life is possible in a frozen pond because only the top of the pond is frozen. The fish live down at the pond bottom, where it is warmer than the top.

Why is the bottom of the pond cooler than the top during the hot summer day?

Heat rises to the surface, and cooler water sinks to the bottom of the pond.

If hot water rises how come the top of a pond or cup of water freezes first?

The ground stays warmer. so the top is frozen first because it comes in direct contact with the cold air, and the bottom is in closer contact to the warmer earth.

How are fish able to survive when a pond freezes over?

The fish dont die because the ice only freezes the top of the pond so the fish will go deeper water where the air in te water is because the colder air will lower

Why does a lake freeze from the top to down?

because the earths heat revolves in a circle, hot on bottom and cold on top. when the lake freezes the coldness freezes the cold first and takes a longer time freezing the hot(bottom) because it is warmer.

Why is this important when a pond containing fish freezes over in the winter?

When a pond freezes, the ice floats on top of the liquid water underneath. This allows fish to survive beneath the ice during the winter. The ice also acts as a layer of insulation, keeping the water above freezing.

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A pond food chain?

Every animal in the pond is part of the pond food chain. The animals at the top of the chain are large fish, and the animals at the bottom are bacteria and single-celled organisms.

Why does ice form on top of a lake and not the bottom?

Water expands when it freezes, therefore it is less dense and floats to the top. The ground can also sink coldness away from layers of water on the bottom of the lake.

Does the mass of an ice change when it turns into a liquid?

yes, water in ice form is less dense the water in liquid form. that's why ice cubes float in a glass of soda, or on a pond or lake oly the top freezes and the ice doesnt sink to the bottom.

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