Why do some people hate math?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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Different people hate math for different reasons. Some find it boring, some don't enjoy working with numbers, and some are simply not good at it. Personally, I hate math because I am a very creative person, and math leaves no room for creativity. You have to do things a certain way. All of the rules have already been set, so you can't further develop mathematics. I also dislike math because I love to work with words, like in literature and grammar. Math doesn't allow you to express yourself. It has no scope for imagination. There isn't much freedom to explore.

In contrast, some people love math. These people tend to be, but are not always, analytical and logical. They amuse themselves by solving problems and they find it easy to follow the steps. However, a person can be creative and love math, and - while I don't personally know anyone like this - I'm sure that there are people with logical who minds who don't like math.

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Q: Why do some people hate math?
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Well you can't actually exactly know what the names of people who hate math are. But me personally me I hate math. I despise it. So yeah that's the answer for ya.

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Why do some people hate math and science?

This is just an opinion it is up to the person and how they were raised to determine if they like a subject or not.

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When you hate math very much, your anger bursts out and you ACT unfriendly to people.

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