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It would be very difficult to teach and learn fractions if you did not use fractions!

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Q: Why do you use fractions in your teaching and learning of fraction?
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How do you employ story telling method in teaching and learning?

The use of story telling in teaching and learning

What are the steps to solve fraction stick problems?

A whole stick is worth 1 whole, use fraction sticks to find equivalent fractions, use the fraction sticks to add fractions with the same denominator

What situation can you use onkly multiplication to find equivalent fractions to a given fraction?

When the fraction is in simplest terms.

How can you use fractions in our life?

By using them in Math Class or teaching fractions, other then that, money, and estimating things between integers

How do you get a fraction of another fraction?

To get a fraction of another fraction you have to multiply the fractions. To multiply fractions, just use this simple algorithm: Step 1-Turn all whole numbers and mixed numbers into improper fractions. Step 2-Multiply the numerators of the 2 fractions. The answer to that problem will be the numerator of the answer. Step 3-Multiply the denominators of the 2 fractions. The answer to that problem will be the denominator of the answer. Step 4-Reduce.

Who thinks the use of social media in teaching and learning is effective?

Social media - is for social activities, it is not best suited for teaching and learning activities.

How did Greeks use fractions?

Greek fractions were very complicated. They did the number system and made a complex sum ending with the fraction.

How do you use a reciprical?

You use a reciprical in dividing fractions. 1st you write down the problem. then you flip over the 2nd fraction and multiply the 1st fraction with the second fraction, and there is your answer,

Is it proper to use the slash instead of the fraction bar in writing fractions?


Is it true that some fractions and ratios can be written in mixed numbers?

You can write any fraction greater than 1 as a mixed fraction. It is not customary to use mixed fractions for ratios.

How can you use decimals instead of fractions?

To convert a fraction to a decimal, divide the denominator into the numerator.

How is fraction damath played?

you need to use your brain and a scientific calculator because its fractions

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