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Why does a Percent correct on a memory task is an example of a variable with a scale of measurement and is a numerical observation.?

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Q: Why does a Percent correct on a memory task is an example of a variable with a scale of measurement and is a numerical observation.?
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What is the variable and unit of measurement for voltage?

two actos and forty four percent of 30 actos

What is the numerical form of 0.548 percent?

0.548% = 0.00548

How to write82 percent in correct numerical value?


What is the numerical value of 60 percent?

60% is 0.6.

How do you write out one half of a percent in numerical?

.5% = .005

What is the numerical for 2 one hundredths of a percent?

0.02% = 0.0002

How do you Calculate the Percent to Plan?

To calculate the Percent to Plan, you can first substitute the variable X for the percent and the variable Y for the Plan, and then you can solve for the end rate of percent to plan easily.

Which property of a measurement is best estimated from the percent error?

Measurement error: obviously!

How many is 1 percent in meters?

That depends what the measurement is one percent of.

What is the angle measurement for 17.5 percent?


What forms the basis of your decision to conclude that a numerical value of a variable you have calculated is significant or not significant at the 0.1 percent or 0.5 level in a regression analysis?

You start of with a null hypothesis according to which the variable has some specified distribution. Some of the parameters of this distribution may need to be estimated using the observed data. Against this hypothesis you will have an alternative hypothesis about the distribution of the variable. You then assume that the null hypothesis is true and calculate the probability that the variable (or a test statistic based on that variable) has the observed numerical value or one that is more extreme. (In deciding what is more extreme you need to know the alternative hypothesis.) If that probability is less than 0.1 % then the result is significant at 0.1% - and so on.

What is the unit of measurement for oxygen?

percent per volume

How do you write 33 percent in numerical form?

33% of a number is equal to 0.33x that number.

What a percent is using mathematical vocabulary?

the rate, number, or amount in each hundred

What is ' percent username percent ' in Windows 2003?

It is a variable placeholder for the user name in a computer (%username%).

What is the fortieth percentile?

It is the value of the variable such that 40 percent of observations are smaller and 60 percent are larger.

What does variable cloudiness mean?

30-60 percent cloudy

What a correlation of 0.30 means that the independent variable explains -- percent of the variance in the dependent variable?

The independent variable explains .32*100 percent of the variance in the dependent variable.This is 9%.The explainable variance is always the square of the correlation (r).

What is loading factor?

is the percent of variance in that indicator variable explained by the factor.

Would the experimental percent oxygen be higher or lower than the theoretical percent oxygen?

because of variable in the situation '

What is the interest rate on a ing variable annuity?

The interest rate on an ING variable annuity account as obtained via their official company website is anywhere from the 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent range.

What is the range of values for the measurement 500 plus 4 percent?


Percent error formula?

Divide the calculated or estimated error by the magnitude of the measurement. Take the absolute value of the result, that is, if it is negative, convert to positive. This would make the percent error = | error / measurement |.

How do accuracy and precision of measurement affect calculated values and percent error?

The more precise your instruments of measurement are, the less percentage of error you will have.

What do the percent signs in SystemRoot represent?

Substituting environment variable valuesTo enable the substitution of variable values at the command line or in scripts, enclose the variable name in percent signs (that is, %variablename%). By using percent signs, you ensure that Cmd.exe references the variable values instead of making a literal comparison. After you define variable values for a variable name, enclose the variable name in percent signs. Cmd.exe searches for all instances of the variable name and replaces it with the defined variable value. For example, if you create a script that contains different values (for example, user names) and you want to define the USERNAME environment variable for each user with these values, you can write one script using the variable USERNAME enclosed in percent signs. When you run this script, Cmd.exe replaces %USERNAME% with the variable values, which eliminates the need to perform this task manually for each user. Variable substitution is not recursive. Cmd.exe checks variables once. For more information about variable substitution, see For and CallFrom the above Technet description, the % signs are used to ensure that "cmd.exe" does not literally use the term "systemroot" and references the systemroot variable correctly (So therefore %systemroot% is recognised correctly as the C:\ drive, if C:\ is your systemroot).