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A magnifying glass forms a circular dot where it focuses rays of light from the sun. The focus of a magnifying glass is at a distance from the surface of the glass itself. So a magnifying glass must be held [approximately] perpendicular to the line joining the sun and the target, and at a distance from the target which equals the focal length of the lens.

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Q: Why does a magnifying glass must be held so that the light from the sun forms a circular dot to burn paper?
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What is the different between a magnifying glass and a compound light microscope?

A magnifying glass has one lenses and a compound light microscope has 2 lenses

What are examples of light reflections?

A magnifying glass reflecting light.

What is a magnifying glass made of?

the magnifying glass has a convex lens and it curves to magnify objects.

How do you cook a marsh mellow under the sun?

Take a magnifying glass and put in under the sun so that there is a small light that forms. lay the marshmellow under that light and wait.

What principle of light a magnifying glass make use of?

The refraction.

Can you heat water a magnifying glass with an artificial light source instead of the sun?

Sure. But the magnifying glass can't squeeze any more heat out of your light sourcethan what the source has without the magnifying glass.The only thing the magnifying glass does is take all of the light ... and maybe heat ? ...that hits the magnifying glass and focus it down to a very small area. It has no moreheat or light to work with than what enters the glass.The most efficient way to heat water with a light bulb is to shine the bulb straight upand hang the pot over it.

How do you make fire with a magnifying glass?

It's quite easy- take a magnifying glass and a dry piece of a paper ( preferably newspaper ) and go to a place where appropriate sunlight is available. Let the light of sun fall on to the magnifying glass. Bring the piece of paper beneath the magnifying glass. Now your objective is to move the magnifying glass up and down in such a way that the light emerging from the magnifying glass concentrates to a point. Hold the both things in the same position for a while, and soon you will be able to see the miracle, fire without a matchstick ! Enjoy!

Why is a magnifying glass considered an Optical Device?

Because a magnifying glass is made of of convex lens. It converses light rays and magnifies the objects seen through it.

Will light and a magnifying glass cook a smore?

try it and then email me with the results

When you place magnifying glass under the sunlight and this light absorbed by the paper what happen?

The lens of the magnifying glass concentrates the sun's light to a point. At that point the paper is heated to its ignition temperature and it can catch fire

How does light bend without any source?

It bends in water or a magnifying glass.

What are the advantage of using a magnifying glass that is foldable with built-in light?

Idont know the answer