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Q: Why does different size bells have different pitches?
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Does a bell have high pitch or low pitch?

A bell typically has a high pitch due to its small size and the fast vibrations of the metal when struck. The high pitch is produced by the rapid frequency of the sound waves.

What are some ideas for a homemade instrument with three pitches?

Different size of glass jars will give you what you want.

How does a drum set for instance have different pitches on each drum?

The size of the head, and the wood.

How many pitches does the chromatic scale have?

The chromatic scale has twelve different pitches on it. These pitches range from A to G sharp (G#) or A flat (Ab). All semitones in the chromatic scale are the same size.

Where to is a crater size of twenty football pitches?

the crater, which is the size of twenty football pitches, is in Arizona, USA.

What was The Bells about?

its about the different situations bells are in and how they are described

How do different pitches affect the cochlea?

Different pitches vibrate the cochlea at different places

Is the titanic the same size as three football-pitches?

yes the titanic is the same size as three football-pitches

What are the 4 different bells of which Poe writes?

In Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Bells," the four different types of bells mentioned are sleigh bells, wedding bells, alarm bells, and funeral bells. Each bell symbolizes a different stage or emotion in life, from joy and celebration to sorrow and death.

What are the different grips on a softball for pitchers?

There are different grips for different pitches. Know the different pitches so you can work on the several grips

How large are church bells?

Church bells can be any size, from several pounds to several thousand pounds.

Around how much does it cost to purchase a brand new brass bell?

The price of a brass bell varies of a few different things. One, the size. Larger bells go for a larger price, and give out a louder sound, where smaller bells, for a smaller price, give a quieter sound. Two, the quality of the bell. Different bells from different companies are made (obviously) in different ways. The higher quality, the higher price; vice versa. Three, the purpose. Bells that are used for churches or other significant civilian services are far more expensive than other services, such as cowbells or bike bells.