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Probably to be polite, maybe he is interested and maybe he is just being nice.

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Q: Why does he always say hi to you?
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Why Dont My Friends Say Hi to me Sometimes?

Maybe your friends don't say hi to you sometimes because they are being rude. Friends always say hi.

When a girl say hi and you say nothing what does that mean?

that you're an well you know... jack*** you should always say hi back dummy

Why do people always say hi?

People say Hi because it is kind and welcoming to say if no one said hi you wouldn't no if they want to talk or just want to keep going! Saying hi is a short version of hello so you don't have to say the long word you can just say hi instead!

Do people always say hi to friends?

It is good form and manners to acknowledge by word or gesture the meeting of a friend(s). So no, people do not always say HI to friends, but they can indicate it in their actions.

What is the best way to say hi?

I always find that the best way to say hi to someone you don't know is to go up to them and snog them! yay

What does ponyboy always say in the outsiders about school?

Hi!! I'm a greaser!!

How do you intorduce yourself in a good manner?

always say hello not hi that will be rude

How do you say hi in urdu?

Hi: SalamGood Morning: Assalamulaikum/ Suba MubarikGood Evening: AssalamulaikumYou can always just say Assalamulaikum that its one way a person mostly greets others.

What does it mean if a guy can't even say hi to you when he always goes near you?

It means that he likes you but he might be a little shy to talk to you! Do you say hi back, if not, start talking back to him?

How do you know the person seriously loves you?

If a person seriously loves you, they will always be looking at you. They will always say hi to you. they will strike up a convo with you. And they will always be nice to you.

How do you get a guy to say hi to you?

Just Say "Hi" and he will say "Hi" back to you. It works everytime!

Will a guy who knows you like him but doesn't like you back always stare at you and pass by you just to say hi to you and say hi in a different voice?

He prob likes you, but is just too embarresed to admit it.

How do you say hi in tagalog?

You could always say hello, since English in Philippines is common. But if you want you could say Kumusta, which means hello, how are you.

What does it mean to say hi to someone in a dream that you havent seen in years and they say hi to you back?

Well i always herd people say if you see that person in your dreams you would one day maybe see them in real life

How do you get a guy to talk to you first?

don't say hi to him first always have him do it first but if he doesn't like you he will never say something first.

How do you say 'hi' in dutch?

Hi is just hi, but most people from the Netherlands will say "Hallo"!

Why does everyone say hi?

You an alien or smth? you say hi to greet someone...

When was Say Hi created?

Say Hi was created in 2002.

How do you say hi in Cuba?

hola is how to say hi in cuba

How do you jump hi?

You can say "hi" but you can not jump "hi".

Howcan you tell if someone likes you?

well if they always say hi and talk to you. and looks at you all the time

How do you greet someone in Russia?

you say hi dude how are they hanging!! you say hi dude how are they hanging!! you say hi dude how are they hanging!!

Hi When do ya say hi?

U say hi when u meet someone u know or when someone says hi/hello to u. now don't type such silly and simple questions pls.

How do you say hi to a guy in the hallway?

Simply smile at him and say hi.

What do you do when your ex boyfriend's mom say hi to you?

say hi and talk to her. what did she do to you?

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