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how many times does 163 go into 3

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Q: Why doesn't decimal lining matter when multiplying decimals?
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Why is it important to line up the decimal points when you add decimals?

The importance of lining up the decimals is so you can just add from bottom to top it makes things a lot easier.

Why can it help to line up the decimal points before comparing and ordering numbers with decimals?

Lining the numbers up makes it easier to spot 0s between the decimal point and the leading non-zero digit.

How do you multiply 3 digit decimals by 3 digit decimals?

Example: 2.25 x 3.45Omit the decimal points, though note their position:225 (2 decimal points)345 (2 decimal points)----------- using long-multiplication6750090001125-----------77625Add the decimal points positions together (2 + 2 = 4) count 4 places from the right and place the decimal between the two 7's, thus: 7.7625Figures are not lining up properly from the right once saved!

Why do you line up the decimal when adding or subtracting decimal numbers?

Yes, When Adding and Subtracting decimals you should line up the decimals. You need to keep each place value in the same column, the same as when you add whole numbers you keep the ones column lined up, same for the tens, etc. Lining up the decimal points makes sure that the tenths column is kept together, same for the hundredths, and so on.

How do you line up decimals when adding?

Ensure the decimal points are lined up vertically, for example... 22.399 30.80 Just like that!

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Menstruation is the lining being shed when a egg is not fetilized . If a egg becomes fertilized before menstruation begins the blood lining doesnt shed and protects the baby after fertilization.

When subtracting or adding numbers in scientific notation why do the exponents need to be the same?

This is effectively the same as lining up the decimal points when adding or subtracting ordinary decimal fractions.

Describe an algorithm you can use to multiply any two decimal numbers?

first u set up your problem lining up not the decimals but the last numbers. Then u multiply the last number by the number on top then go down the row multiplying.Then u start with the next number and place it under the answers to the first one and don't forget an atomatic 0 and add one every number you do. Then u add the numbers together. then u count how many numbers were behind the decimals and move ur decimal over that many places to ur answer and u get it.

Why do you not line up decimals when you multiply?

You could line up the decimals if you prefer; it's just that when multiplying, unlike adding, lining them up doesn't make things easier. Also, your teacher is likely to misunderstand your creative technique and mark you down even if you get the right answer.When adding, it makes things easier to line up the digits of the same order of magnitude because you only want to add ones to ones and tens to tens. But when you multiply, you end up multiplying every digit in one number by every digit in the other number anyway, so you don't gain anything by lining them up. It just makes it more confusing to figure out the position of the decimal point in the answer.Another way to look at it, is to think of a decimal number as a fraction. 3.14 is the same as 314/100. So when you multiply, say, 3.14 * 2.2, that's the same as (314/100) * (22/10). When you multiply fractions you can multiply the numerators, over the denominators: (314*22)/(100*10). If you write out the integer numerators to multiply them, it's natural to right-align them so that there's a ones column and a tens column, etc. Putting the decimal points in is just a way to keep track of how many digits total were behind the decimal point originally.To think of it yet a third way, consider the problem 3.14+2.2. Clearly this is not the same as 31.4+.22. But 3.14*2.2 isthe same as 31.4*.22. When multiplying, you can move the decimal points around and get the same result, provided that when you move it forward in one number, you move it backward in the other number. That makes it meaningless which digit lines up with which other digit when you write it out on two lines.

How do you line up 4.35 plus 5.4?

The lining up should be done in such a way that the decimal points are underneath each other.

Why can it help to line up the decimal points before camparing and ordering numbers with decimals?

When comparing numbers, the digits are compared starting with the highest place value column that is not empty (or contains a zero) across the numbers. If the digits are the same, the next place value column to the right is checked; and so on until a difference is found or all the digits are the same making the numbers equal. By lining up the decimal points the digits of each place value column are now aligned and it is easy to compare the correct digits (that is the digits in the place value columns) and see which order the numbers are (from least to greatest, etc).

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technically you don't line up the ones. you line up the decimals. you do this because it is necessary to compare place value to place value in order to order.

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Acid lining material used in inductor and basic lining material used in sheel

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What are useful strategies in sum and differences with decimals?

When you are lining up decimals to add or subtract, always line the decimals up before doing the problem. An example is: 1.468 + 0.0004 would be lined up this way: 1.468 0.0004 1.4684 If this is a bit confusing, you could add a zero to 1.468 and it would be 1.4680. When doing subtraction, you would do the same. An example is: 4 - 0.086 4 can be written 4.0 or 4.000, so line then up like this: 4.000 -0.086 3.914

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