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It is not. They have exactly the same mass and so must have the same weight.

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Would a kilogram of feathers be heavier than a kilogram of lead?

No, both weigh a kilogram

How do you use the word unquestionably in a sentence?

Lead is unquestionably heavier than an equal volume of feathers.

Is a fluid ounce of water heavier than an ounce of flour?

A fluid ounce of water weighs slightly more than a dry ounce (1 fluid ounce of water weighs 1.043 dry ounces). Therefore a fluid ounce of water is heavier than a dry ounce of flour (or anything else for that matter). Note that a fluid ounce of something else might NOT be heavier. A fluid ounce of lead is much heavier than a fluid ounce of feathers!

Are a pigeons feathers heavier than its bones?

no,even though a pigeons bones are very light,they are still heavier than its feathers

Is 15 pounds of steel heavier than 18 pounds of feathers?

are you being serious, if you are no, 15 is not heavier than 18 pounds of feathers.

Does lead or feathers have a greater density?

Lead has a much greater density than feathers.

Which is heavier iron or lead?

Lead is heavier than iron.

Is lead heavier than concreate?

Yes, lead is a lot heavier than concreate

When describing something is less or more dense why aren't lighter and heavier sufficint descriptors?

Because lighter and heavier refer to an objects weight - which has nothing to do with density ! For example - a kilo of feathers is heavier than half a kilo of lead - but lead is more dense !

Which is heavier a cup of sand or a cup of lead?

Lead is heavier. Because the density of lead is heavier than sand.

Is uranium heavier than lead?

Yes, uranium is more dense (heavier) than lead.

Is 1500 grams of flour heavier than 1.3 kilograms of flour?

Yes 1500 grams = 1.5 kilogram heavier than 1.3 kilogram

Does the smallest jar or can always have the lightest contents?

Of course not.A small jar of lead will be much heavier than a slightly larger jar of feathers.

Does iron or feathers have more density?

Iron is more dense than feathers.(A pound of iron is smaller than a pound of feathers. A bottle of iron is heavier than a bottle of feathers.)

Are diamonds heavier than lead?

No. The specific gravity of lead is 11.35 and the specific gravity of diamond is 3.5, which is above average, but not heavier than lead.

Which is heavier than gold?


Is platinum heavier than lead?


Is lead heavier than iridium?

Lead has a higher atomic number than iridium, which means a lead atom is heavier than an iridium atom. however iridium is denser, therefore if you had a block of iridium and a block of lead,the iridium block would be heavier

Why have birds feathers and not fur?

birds have feathers and not fur because fur is heavier than feathers and would restrict them from being able to fly

Which weighs more feathers or a pound of lead?

That depends how many feathers you have. If you have more than a pound offeathers, then they weigh more tha a pound of lead. But if you lose some of yourfeathers and have less than a pound remaining, then they weigh less than a poundof lead.This entire discussion assumes that your feathers and your lead are on the same planet.

Why does 1kg of lead be less awkward to carry around than 1kg of feathers?

lead is much more dense than feathers, so 1 kg of lead occupies much less space (volume) than 1 kg of feathers

Which one has more volume a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?

The feathers "take up more room" than the lead. It would be hard to compress the feathers to make them as dense as lead. The feathers have more volume.

Why does flour weigh more than sugar?

Flour does NOT weigh more than sugar. Sugar is about 3 times heavier by volume.

What is denser a ton of lead or a ton of feathers?

Lead is more dense than feathers. It doesn't matter how much you have of either one. A chip of lead is more dense than a 10-mile convoy of trucks loaded with feathers.

Why is lead heavier than water?

Lead (11,34^-3) has a greater density than water (1^-3) so for the same volume of water and lead, lead will be heavier.

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