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Say as if I were a scientist. I am trying to create something that will cure cancer. If I miscalculate and do the wrong things I could probably make something more worse than it was before.

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Q: Why is it important for a scientist to have math skills?
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Is it important to know basic math skills to be a doctor?

yes.very important. math and science

What math skills is needed to become a forensic scientist?

You have to learn physics and maths

What other math skills do scientist use besides estimation?

scientific notation

What math skills do scientist rely on when they cannot obtain exact numbers?


Why is it important for a scientist to have good observational skills?

because scientist cant observe well if they didnt have any good observation skills

Why is it important to have strength in math to be a scientist?

Because the language of science is maths.

What is the important skills for being a math teacher?

It is important to have good communication skill, patience and a good understand of both kids and the math you are teaching.

Should you take Algebra 1?

Yes, it helps with math skills if you want to become a scientist or teacher etc.

What are important skills you need to have for the National Guard?

Basic reading and math are important skills needed for any of the armed forces of the U.S. military.

Why math is important in dress making?

Dress making contains math skills such as: Measurements Area Proportions Expenses :)

How important is math?

For the world as a whole, Math today is extreemely important. It is however not extreemely important for everybody to know a lot of math. On a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is most important. Math would probably be a 5. As of such, it may seem that math isn't that important, but how important it is depends on where you are and where you want to go. If you are at school and want to become an Astrophysicist, then math would rate 9 to 10 on the same scale. Other skills can outweigh the need for math though. You can become a great part of the society with only general knowledge of math. A person with vivid imagination and great knowledge of ones own language could become a respected author and writer of books. No great math skills involved. A person that is very good with languages can work as a translator. In general no great skills of math needed.

How does a scientist use math?

A scientist uses it when measuring chemicals

Does studying multipacation affect math scores?

And how else do you expect to improve your math skills, if not by studying???And how else do you expect to improve your math skills, if not by studying???And how else do you expect to improve your math skills, if not by studying???And how else do you expect to improve your math skills, if not by studying???

What are 10 careers that depend on math skills?

Mathematician Scientist Doctor/Nursing Lawyer Accountant Teaching Musician(?) Cashier Salesman Computing

What does math have to do with dentistry?

While math is not used extensively during clinical practice, math skills are important in becoming a dental professional. Math is used quite a bit in the study of chemistry, physics, pharmacology, and biology, all important subjects in the practice of dentistry.

What are three important science skill?

to be a scientist you need to have 6 important skills,observationclassificationinferringpredictingmeasuringmost important... COMMUNICATION

Why do you need preschool?

Preschool teaches pre-math and pre-literacy skills that are important for kidergarten. It also teaches them appropriate behavoir and social skills that are important when they start kindergarten.

What math skills do you need to become a police officer?

math skills as officer

Why are math skills essential for an automotive sales representative?

becayse it's important to be good in maths

Why is math important in elementary education?

Math is a discipline which builds upon itself. Therefore, it is very important for students at an elementary level (k-5) to build their basic math skills in order to expand the concepts throughout their academic careers

How can math teacher have skills?

math teacher can have skills by fighting with that bander that means monkey

What is math for a scientist?

I think it is Mathematician

What do you call a math scientist?


What does math have to do with being a scientist?

Sometimes in Science you will have to measure things and/or you will have to find the average. So basically that's what math has to do with being a scientist.

Is math important to us?

Of all the subjects I had in school I enjoyed math the least and yet, as a grownup I find that I need math in almost everything I do. From shopping tofiguring out my paycheck to paying bills and so on I use math constantly. So, YES you definetly need math skills as you grow older. Also, almost any job you get will require some math skills.