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Because the language of science is maths.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-16 12:40:25
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Q: Why is it important to have strength in math to be a scientist?
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How does a scientist use math?

A scientist uses it when measuring chemicals

What is math for a scientist?

I think it is Mathematician

What do you call a math scientist?


What does math have to do with being a scientist?

Sometimes in Science you will have to measure things and/or you will have to find the average. So basically that's what math has to do with being a scientist.

What type of math does an environmental scientist use?

triginometrical units of math and calculometry

Why are upper level math courses important for students in high school?

It is important for entering the work force where this is required, for example as an engineer or scientist. If not in a math field, it is important as a discipline - knowledge is an end in itself. If you are really bad at and hate math, you should take a course more appropraite, but you still need the basics like algebra.

Why is it important for a scientist to have math skills?

Say as if I were a scientist. I am trying to create something that will cure cancer. If I miscalculate and do the wrong things I could probably make something more worse than it was before.

How do scientist use math in their work?

all of them

How does being a scientist involve math?

Yes many branches of science involve math

How do scientist use math?

scientists use math to measure the liquids in test tubes,find the width and height of if you want to be a scientist, pay attention in math class. and science(o.-)

Name any occupations mentioned in section 2 where math would be important in the community in the book the giver?

Scientist,Engineer,Doctor, Instructor,

What math skill do scientist rely on when they cannot find the exact number?

Scientist often rely the math skill of estimates when they cannot find the exact number.

What college majors are best suited for people who are good at math?

Maybe a math teacher, mathematician, or a math (mad) scientist!Get it?

What subject was the best for Albert Einstein?

math and scientist

What did nicolaus Copernicus contribute to math?

he was a scientist and a math geek but there is really no information on what he did as a mathematical figure

What is being a scientist have to do by using math?

Being a scientist has alot to do with math. When a person does an expirnment the have to figure iut how much water they need to pour in a jar.If my answer does not make sense to you please just ask your science and or your math teacher!

What is the importance of contemporary math for the student?

math is important very important so any kind of math is important even contemporary.

Is a mathematician a scientist?

yes, math is a part of science and when u get a phd for it u r considered a scientist

Did Galileo Galilei have any jobs before he became a scientist?

Yes, Galileo had jobs before he was a scientist. Galileo found an interest in math. he became a math tutor for a while

Why is math important in your daily routine?

well, math is important in many ways! when you go to a store, you need to know math. that is one example. there are many other ways which math is important. it is important all over the world. math is part of life!

What you should take as major to become robotic scientist in mechanical engineering?

A mechanical engineer is not a scientist, they just implement the knowledge of the scientist in design. If you want to become a robotics scientist, you will need as much math and physics classes you can take. Focus on mechanics and higher level math classes.

Is a teacher as important as a scientist?

A scientist may be a teacher as well. Both are mostly important.

What jobs involve a lot of English and math?

teacher scientist

Why do scientist use math?

they use it to measure amounts of fluids and what not

What are first in math skill levels?

Beginner, expert, and scientist