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Because division and multiplication are mutually inverse operations.

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Q: Why is it possible to invert the divisor and multiply?
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How do you invert the divisor and multiply a fraction?

(a/b) divided by (c/d) =(a/b) x (d/c) <-- notice divisor is inverted (turned upside down) now multiply both numerators and both denominators = (ad)/(bc)

Why do you invert fractions?

When you divide by fractions, you invert and multiply.

To divide real numbers as fractions multiply by the of the divisor?

" ... multiply by the RECIPROCAL of the divisor.

What is the quotient when 5 of 8 is divided by 5 of 3?

To divide by a fraction, invert the divisor and multiply: 5/8 ÷ 5/3 = 5/8 x 3/5 = 3/8

Why do you invert the divisor when you divide a fraction by a fraction?

Because that is just how it works mathematically If you divide one vulgar (or common) fraction by a second vulgar fraction, the rule is: Invert the second fraction and then multiply them together. It is too difficult to explain why this works, using typed explanation on the computer, but just accept that it works.

How do you divide simple fractions?

invert and multiply

What steps do you take to divide a fraction by another fraction?

To divide one fraction (the dividend) by another (the divisor), invert the divisor and multiply the fractions together: eg 2/35 ÷ 4/5 = 2/35 × 5/4 = (2×5)/(35×4) = 10/140 = 1/14

What is 7 over 8 divided 3 over 5?

To divide by a fraction, invert the divisor and multiply: 7/8 ÷ 3/5 = 7/8 x 5/3 = 35/24 = 111/24

What is the difference between multiplying and dividing two rational expressions?

multiplying rational expressions means multiplying two alg. rxpressions that look like fractions, Just like normal, multiply numerators and multiply denominators then reduce. Division, just like regular fractions means to invert the divisor and the multiply (as above)

How do you divide a fraction and amixed number?

Convert the mixed number into an improper fraction then divide the fraction and improper fraction as normal (invert the divisor and multiply) and simplify the result (including converting any improper fraction into a mixed number)

How do you divide mixed numbers?

You turn the mixed numbers into improper fractions. Then invert the divisor and multiply the numerators, and multiply the denominators (because division by a fraction is multiplication by its inverse) and simplify if possible: Example: Problem 3 1/4 divided by 2 1/2 - improper factions 13/4 divided by 5/2 - invert second fraction 5/2 to 2/5 - multiply 13/4 x 2/5 = 26/20 which is equivalent to 13/10 or 1 3/10

How do you use the reciprocal of the divisor to find the answer to a division problem?

Multiply the reciprocal of the divisor by the dividend.