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To divide one fraction (the dividend) by another (the divisor), invert the divisor and multiply the fractions together:

eg 2/35 ÷ 4/5 = 2/35 × 5/4

= (2×5)/(35×4)

= 10/140

= 1/14

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Q: What steps do you take to divide a fraction by another fraction?
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When do you take the reciprocal of a fraction?

Mainly when you divide by a fraction - that is equivalent to multiplying by its reciprocal.

How do you take a fraction away from a whole number?


What are the steps to dividing a fraction in simplest form?

the first steps that you will have to take is gtegeagerge

Do you divide by the top or bottom in a fraction?

To divide a fraction, you take the numerator (top number) and divide it by the denominator (bottom number).For example, for the fraction 1/2, you would take 1 divided by 2 which equals 0.5 (5 tenths), 1/2 or 50%.

How can you convert a fraction to a decimal?

all you have to do is take the numerator and divide it by the denominator

How does a whole number become a fraction?

Divide or take part of it away

Video of how to divide fractions?

You can search YouTube for "divide fractions", and find several.However, it isn't really that complicated; just remember the following simple rules:To divide one fraction by another fraction, take the reciprocal of the second fraction, then multiply.If you have mixed fractions, convert them both to improper fractions, then proceed as above (multiply by the reciprocal).

How do you make decimals out of fractions?

Take the numerator (top number of the fraction) and divide it by the denominator (bottom number of the fraction).

How do you change the decimal 91 to a fraction?

You take 91 and divide it by the denomater and there you go

What steps do you take to get a equivalent number from a mixed fraction?

The mixed fraction a b/c = (ac + b)/c

How do you divide the numerator by the denominator?

you take the numerator and divide by the denominator. for example, if you had the fraction 1/2 you would divide 1 by 2 giving you 0.5.

How do you change percents into decimals?

Just like a fraction, you take the numerator and divide it by the denominator.

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