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In shape and educated... Must be Canadian

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Q: Why is it that there are athletes in engineering classes?
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Why athletes are in engineering classes?

A person can be a college athlete, but be majoring in any subject you can name. If he is an athlete, and in engineering classes, my guess is his major is engineering.

what are AutoCAD classes what do they do?

They are classes that will teach you about engineering. I would take them if you are interested in engineering.

What are the different engineering classes Some of the other engineering classes are Electrical Nuclear Mechanicl Etc I want to know what all of the classes are?


Why student athletes are in engineering?

I'm not sure, but I'm a student athlete and I'm into engineering!

What are the major classes of engineering materials?

the major classes of materials

Are nerds who watch only cartoons allowed to be in engineering classes?

by simply asking this question you dont deserve to be on engineering classes

Can I take online classes at any audio engineering schools?

You can take some classes online at for audio engineering.

What job responsibilities are in sports engineering?

To build things for the athletes

Why do people fail engineering classes?

Because, some people dont understand it or they dont even try, engineering classes are the easiest to me.

Where can I find top quality engineering classes in Milwaukee, WI?

Quality Assurance Engineer ,Milwaukee Area Technical college ,Top Engineering school where you get top quality engineering classes

Should you choose all maths sections at AS level for engineering?

No take engineering classes

Can you list online engineering classes?

Yes, now you can get the engineering classes online and if you are relay interested go to the below link and get your online classes.

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