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I'm not sure, but I'm a student athlete and I'm into engineering!

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Q: Why student athletes are in engineering?
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Does a student read engineering at the university or offer engineering at the university?

A student offer engineering

What percentage of Davidson College students are student athletes?

7% of attendees of Dividson are student athletes

Reason why computer Engineering student fail?

Reason why computer Engineering student fail?

How many student athletes are at duke?

about 1,023

What are the skills needed for engineering student?

for ece engineering student to learn relating her to space nd aeronautics

What job responsibilities are in sports engineering?

To build things for the athletes

Why is it that there are athletes in engineering classes?

In shape and educated... Must be Canadian

What is the employment rate of ncaa student athletes?


Why athletes are in engineering classes?

A person can be a college athlete, but be majoring in any subject you can name. If he is an athlete, and in engineering classes, my guess is his major is engineering.

Is computer science and engineering student is eligible to appear in Indian engineering service exam under electronics and communication engineering services category?

Is computer science and engineering student is eligible to appear in indian engineering sevice exam ??

Can Fsc pre-medical pass student apply for aeronautical engineering?

can fsc pre medical student can apply for aernautical engineering

What do student athletes usually major in?

Student athletes major in a wide variety of studies. They include sports administration, communications, management, criminal justice, and many more.

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