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It will help when doing addition and subtraction in day to day life, for example: 'You are walking down the street, when you see a TV that is 40% off' you will be able to work out what the new price is and if you have enough money to buy it.

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โˆ™ 2012-11-23 23:28:56
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Q: Why is mental math so important?
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How can mental math be used to solve an equation?

Mental math is basically math in your head so for example 40x2=80 so I did that in my head

What is mental math when using properties of equality?

how to do mental math useing propertys

What is 13.48 - 6.1 in mental math?

13.48 - 6.1 in mental math = 7.380000000000001

What does math stand for-?

Math stands for M - Mental A - Abuse T - To H - Humans Now, you get why math is so hard to understand.

How is math related to mental health?

mental math is doing the math in your head or in your mind but not in a calculator or pencil and paper

What is the importance of contemporary math for the student?

math is important very important so any kind of math is important even contemporary.

Why mental math is important?

You may never know, but you will need it some time in life young or old.

Why is math so important?

it is important because we need it in our life

What is consumer math important in our society?

Consumer math is important so that individuals can do their budgeting, taxes and investing.

What is the best mental math method?

math that is done in your head

What are math skills for working in a pharmacy?

Mental Math Mostly

Why is math so important in France?

it is Tradition you

Do you have to have good math skills to be a cashier?

No, although good mental math skills may make the job slightly easier, they are not nescessary. Modern cash registers have calculators built into them, so there is no longer any need to be good at mental math.

What is the mental math strategy for break apart in math?

Math is all about practice. So what a person have to do in math is to keep practicing and do not think about the answer before starting a math problem. Just use the rules and formulas and apply them, what u get at last is the answer. So have no fear.

What is 10 times 5 with mental math?

50 what's "mental math" supposed to mean? if it just means you did it in your head, then there is no difference between mental and regular math, except that it is harder to check your work.

Why are multiplacation facts so important in math?

For the same reason that speling is so important in language

What is fast math?

mental math.because you do it in your brain

How you do mental math with fractions and percents?


What is adding Mentally?


Acronym for math?

mental abuse to humans

What are some math words that begin with the letter m?

multiplacation mental math

What does the math term mental math mean?

calculating mentally, usually arithmetic

What does 2010 minus 1997 equal?

This is math you can do in your head (mental math).13

What math do you use when you are calculating density?

Mental math! aka in ur head

How using addition properties can make adding easier?

So you don't have to use mental math or fingers