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2 radiuses make the diameter

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Q: Why is that C equals 2 pie raduis and C equals pie Diameter mean the same thing?
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What does raduis mean?

== A radius is half of diameter,the formula of radius== d/2 ===

What does the word raduis mean in mathematics?

it is the distance between the senter of a circle and the actual circle and it is always equal to half of the diameter

What is the raduis of 2m?

Assuming that raduis is mean to be radius, the answer depends on what characteristic of what shape the 2m measures.

What is the function of the raduis?

Assuming you mean radius and not raduis, the radius is one of the two bones in the forearm - between the elbow and wrist.

What are the raduis of the planets?

The mean radii (singular = radius, not raduis!) areMercury = 2,440 kmVenus = 6,052 kmEarth = 6,378 kmMars = 3,397 kmJupiter = 71,492 kmSaturn = 60,268 kmUranus = 25,559 kmNeptune = 24,766 km.

What does π mean?

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diamter. It equals approximately 3.14159 Pi = circumference/diameter

What is the diameter of a circle that is equal to pi?

If you mean the diameter of a circle with area pi, then the diameter is 2. If you mean the diameter of a circle with circumference pi, then the diameter is 2. If you mean the diameter of a circle with diameter pi, then the diameter is pi. If you mean the diameter of a circle with radius pi, then the diameter is 2pi.

What does circumference equals pi times d mean?

It is the formula for the circumference C of a circle where D is the diameter. C = (pi) D

What does it mean by r equals 0.50?

from this diagram you can see the diameter is the length from one side to another while radius means from the middle point of the circle to ANY direction it is 0.5NOTE: 2r (RADIUS) = DIAMETER

What is the raduis of earth in km?

The radius of Earth is 6,378.1 kilometers, or 3,959 miles. The radius is the distance from the Earth's center to its surface.

Does 9 to the 3rd power equals 9 cubed?

Yes, they mean the same thing.

If the diameter of a circle is sixteen feet what is the value in inches?

The value of a circle could mean many things. Assuming the question is asking for the diameter of a sixteen-foot-diameter circle in inches, the diameter of the circle would be 192 inches. ---- One foot equals twelve inches [ 1 ft. = 12 in. ] Sixteen times twelve equals one-hundred ninety-two [ 16 * 12 = 192 ] Sixteen feet equals one-hundred ninety-two inches [ 16 ft. = 192 in. ]