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Q: Why is the surface area of a mammalian repository system so large?
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How do you use repository in a sentence?

Until an earthquake destroyed the library, it had been a repository of ancient knowledge. Large quantities of gold were kept in a commercial repository near city hall.

How come plant in the desert would most likely have a large root system lose to the surface?

The large, fine root system close to the surface is able to abosrb water from even a light rainfall in the desert.

A plant in the desert would most likely have which root system?

a large root system,close to the surface

Is elephant an adverb?

No, it is not. The word elephant is a noun meaning the large mammalian animal.

What organ in the digestive system has an extremely large surface to volume ratio?

the small intestine

Structure of mammalian brain plus intelligence?

Mammalian brains are extremely large compared to other animals. This makes it very easy to learn and gain the intelligence necessary to adapt and survive.

Dessert plants are adapted to their climate by having?

A small leaf surface and large root system.

Is a large root system near surface is a special structure of some desert plants?


Is it true that a large root system near the surface is a special structure of some desert plants?


What is the importance of large surface cells?

To occupy a large surface.

What is the huge hurricane called the red spot?

This is Jupiters large red spot. It is a large storm system that has been churning for hundreds of years on the surface of the planet.

What is a large scale electronic repository of data that contains and organizes all an oragnization' data in one place called?

a database or a server