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Because the volume of a cube is the third power of the length of its side.

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Q: Why is three to the third power referred to as three cubed?
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When changing cm to the third power to ml what is the third power used for?

in cm, the third power means that its is in 3 demensions. so, something that is 4cm to the third power would be the same size as four blocks of wood, where each block is 1cm long, 1cm thick, and 1cm tall (the three demensions of volume). when converting cm cubed(to the third power=cubed) to ml, however, the formula would simply be 1cm cubed=1ml

What is Four to the third power minus three to the second power?

4 cubed is 64, 3 squared is 9, so 55.

Why is the expression 2 to the third power called 2 cubed?

cubed is 3 dimensional. Three being the main word/number. so they use 3 as cubed due to its ties with dimensional

What is X cubed- X?

0.6 cubed is equal to 0.216

Why is the exponent three called cubed?

Cubed is the third dimension because it is a cube. A cube has three dimensions of equal amount. A cube of three-inch sides, to get its volume you'd multiply three times three times three, which is three cubed.

Is 26 the power of three?

25 cubed is 15,625.

What number to the third power equals 375?

Rounded to three decimal places, 3751/3 = 7.211 Therefore, 7.211 cubed is approximately 375.

An expression of the form 5 to the 3rd power?

An expression for 5 raised to the third power or 5 cubed is 5 x 5 x 5. It simply multiplying the base number 5 three times. The result would be that 5 cubed is equal to 125.

Why is the expression 3 to the power of 3 sometmes read as 3 cubed?

Cubed is the term for "to the power of three". 273 is called Twenty-seven it's just not just the 33 that is called cubed.

Why is the exponent 3 called cubed?

This is related to the fact that a cube has three dimensions. Basically, the volume of a cube is calculated by raising the length of a side to the third power.

What is 27 as a power of 3?

Three cubed is 27 as a power of 3 (3^3).

Why does 9 cubed equal 9 to the power of three?

because when you cube a number you are multiplying itself by itself by itself which is the same as to the power of three.