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Because rational numbers aren't able to be notated precisely in decimal form. They don't stop.

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Q: Why might you need to be able to estimate an irrational numbers?
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How do you estimate an irrational number Why might you need to be able to estimate an irrational number?

If you want to use a rational number for a mathematical operation, it will be necessary to estimate it for a numerical outcome. Irrational numbers can't be written out exactly.

What is the inational numbers?

Irrational numbers are not able to be formed from a simple ratio or fraction.The root word behind rational is the word Ratio, the relationship of two numbers. Their ratio.Pi and e would be common irrational numbers, as is 2^0.5

Are integars irrational numbers?

No, integers aren't irrational numbers. For a number to be irrational, it must not be able to be expressed as a fraction of two integers. Every integer can be expressed as the integer itself divided by one, and so fails to meet this requirement. For example, 2 can be expressed as 2/1; therefore, it is a rational number as opposed to an irrational number.

Can the difference of two rational numbers can be irrational?

No irrational numbers don't have patterns and cant be expressed as a ratio so you cant even subtract the number. Ex: 22/7 - sqrt(2), you wont be able to find the difference since you cant even put it in a complete number.

Is pi divided by e rational?

A rational number is able to be represented as a ratio of polynomials. pi/e is a ratio of irrational numbers, neither of which can be represented as a ratio of polynomials, and so I would conclude that pi/e is not rational. But it's a good question, because what if two irrational numbers could cancel out their irrationality, like two negative numbers! A quotient of two irrational numbers can be a rational number. Trivial example 2pi/pi = 2.

What is the disadvantage of radian measure?

Some less able students are not at ease when working with irrational numbers. Overall, though, the advantages far outweigh that prejudice/disadvantage.

What number goes into 117 and 1936?

The only number I seem to be able to find is: * 1 Unless one wants to use rational and irrational numbers. That is a different story.

How do you estimate sales tax on a car?

Ask the dealers or got to the website. They might be able to help you out.

How can you use rational numbers to represent real world problems?

You cannot. The diagonal of a unit square cannot be represented by a rational number. However, because rational numbers are infinitely dense, you can get as close to an irrational number as you like even if you cannot get to it. If this approximation is adequate than you are able to represent the real world using rational numbers.

What is the need of rational number?

Normal fractions are rational numbers. So you might not be able to share things without rationals.

Is it ok to tell someone that they are not being rational?

It's generally more effective to address the behavior or statements directly without labeling them as irrational. You can ask questions to understand their perspective and gently point out any possible inconsistencies in their reasoning to help guide the conversation towards a more rational approach.

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If data has been published, you might be able to find out the date made and specific model.