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Because the actual population changes frequently.

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Q: Why population numbers are more likely to be rounded than exact?
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What is the population of llamas?

There is no exact data as to how many llamas are in the world. The population of llamas is most likely in the millions.

Two examples where large numbers do not have to be exact?

Population of a country. Mass of the sun.

How much of the Asian population is poor?

Much of the Asian population is poor, although there is no exact figure, the numbers are probably over 70%.

Where can significant figures be used for?

There are two types of significant figures, measured and exact. Numbers are often rounded to avoid reporting insignificant figures. Numbers can also be rounded merely for simplicity rather than to indicate a given precision of measurement.

Population of timber rattlesnakes in state of Connecticut?

It's hard to determine exact numbers, but it is an endangered species there.

What is the coyote population?

Coyotes are very common, and adaptable. No exact numbers are known, but must be in the countless thousands.

What is Exact Holding's population?

The population of Exact Holding is 1,867.

Do you lose or gain information when you use statistics to reduce a population to a few characteristic numbers?

you lose information!becoz you can nearly exact the data based on the charateristic numbers

How many numbers can be round to 3000?

Infinitely many, since between any two numbers, there are always additional numbers. The exact range of numbers that can be rounded to 3000 depend on how you are rounding - specifically, if you are rounding to the nearest integer, the nearest 10, the nearest 100, or the nearest 1000.

What is the rounded exact value of pi?


What percent of the Cuban Chinese population left Cuba after Castro's revolution?

Though the exact numbers are not known, many Chinese Cubans left the country after the revolution. However, before the revolution, the numbers of the Chinese Cuban population were already dwindling.

What is the exact population San Antonio?

The exact population of San Antonio is 1,336,040.