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Because the ratio would;t be correct.

Look at this example. What is the ratio of 1cm to 1 metre?

If you went by these measurements you would get 1:1 which means 1cm is the same as 1 metre., which is false.

The correct answer means comparing 1cm with 100cm (or 1 metre) which is 1:100.

So it's really important with ratios that the units are the same.

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Q: Why should ratio be written in the same unit?
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Shall numerator and denominator in a fraction should be on the same unit of measurement or they can be on different unit of measurement?

In a fraction they must be in the same units. In a ratio they need not be.

A blank can be written as the ratio of one?

blank = unit.

What is the same between rates and unit rates?

The value of the ratio is the same.

What is the definition of unit ratio?

Unit Ratio- a ratio that has a denominator of 1

What is the ratio of 1568 in 28 days written as a unit rate?

It is 56 per day.

Can any ratio be written as a unit rate?

Yes. EX) 12/5 = 2.4

What is a scale written as ratio in simple form with unit of measurement called?

scale factor

What unit is a compression ratio measured in?

There is no "unit". It is a ratio. Just pick a unit. Since you're likely talking about engine displacement, liters are a good unit to use. +++ Engines are described in litres, but individual cylinder volumes are normally expressed in cubic centimetres (c.c.), but the compression-ratio is the same irrespective of measurement units because a ratio is dimensionless.

How are ratio and proportion related?

A proportion is the same as a ratio, but it must be focused on one unit per something. Ratios can be any comparison

What type of ratio is 12 is?

12 is a single number. In so far as it can represent a ratio, it is a ratio of 12 to 1: a unit ratio.12 is a single number. In so far as it can represent a ratio, it is a ratio of 12 to 1: a unit ratio.12 is a single number. In so far as it can represent a ratio, it is a ratio of 12 to 1: a unit ratio.12 is a single number. In so far as it can represent a ratio, it is a ratio of 12 to 1: a unit ratio.

What is the ratio of 125 centimeters to 2 meters?

Just convert the units to a common unit. Reminder: 1 meter = 100 centimeters. Then express as a ratio of the same unit. The units cancel in this case.

What is the unit of velocity ratio?

there have no unit because both the quantites cancel out each other same as mecghanical advantage there have no unit because both the quantites cancel out each other same as mechanical advantage

Synonyms for the word decibel?

A tenth of a bel. It's a ratio of two values of the same unit.

What is a unit ratio?

A unit rate where the denominator is one unit.

A ratio often with 1 in the denominator?

A unit ratio.

What is one in which the denominator is one unit?

A unit ratio.

How do you make a ratio?

Take 2 numbers and compare them. 3:9 is a ratio, however, it should be in simplest form, which 1:3. There are more complex ratios such as 60CM to 2M, which is 3 to 10. The answer must be converted to the same unit of measurement

What is the ratio of CGS unit to SI unit of energy?


What is the solution of a unit rate?

A unit rate is a ratio: it does not have a solution!

What is it called when in a blank the denominator is 1 unit?

It is a unit ratio.

Why does pi not have unit?

Pi is a natural constant of the ratio circumference divided by diameter. That ratio cannot have any unit.

What are the dimensionless quantity?

A dimensionless quantity is one that has only a number, not a unit, and should therefore be the same in any system of units. This often happens when a quantity is the ratio of two measurements of the same kind. For example, the index of refraction can be considered the ratio of two speeds (the speed of light in a vacuum, and the speed of light in the corresponding substance); if both speeds are expressed in meters/second, when taking the ratio, the units disappear, and only a number without units - a "dimensionless" unit - remains. If you convert the speeds in this example to some other unit, for example kilometers per second, both speeds will be a thousand times less; but the ratio will still be the same.

A fraction whose numerator and denominator represent the same quantity but use different units?

A unit conversion ratio

If unit sales are 12 variable costs are 7.20 per unit and fixed costs are 24000 what is the contribution ratio per unit?

The contribution ratio of units is calculated as the unit sales minus the sales cost, then divided by the unit sales. In this case, the ratio is 40 percent. Contribution Ratio does not care about the fixed cost whatsoever.

Can you change your GMC 1500 10 bolt rear end to a heavier 12 or 14 bolt unit as long as you keep the same gear ratio as the front you believe you have 2.73s but have to cheak?

as long as the ratio is the same you can.