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It can. The sine function is defined for all numbers--negative, 0, and positive. The function is periodic and repeats every 360 degrees.

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Q: Why sine cannot measure angle larger than 45?
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What is larger sine A or tangent A in an acute angle?

tangent will always be larger because its denominator is smaller than sine's.

Can the sine of an angle ever equal 2?

Sine of an angle cannot be 2, as you must be knowing, sin90=1, u may conclude that sin180=2. but 180 degree cannot be an angle of a triangle,

What is angle Theta if sine theta 0.03125?

-1 < sine(theta) < 1 so sine(theta) cannot be 3125

What are inverse sine inverse cosine and inverse tangent used for?

to find the measure of an angle. EX: if sin A = 0.1234, then inv sin (0.1234) will give you the measure of angle A

How do you use sine in math?

The sine function is used in trigonometric calculations when attempting to find missing side lengths of a right triangle. The sine of an angle in a triangle is equal to the length of the side opposite of that angle divided by the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle. Using this fact you can calculate the length of the hypotenuse if you know an angle measure and the length of one leg of the triangle. You can also calculate the length of a leg of the triangle if you know an angle measure and the length of the hypotenuse.

The sine of a 30 degrees angle equals what?

the sine of a 30 degree angle is 0.5

What is the size of an angle when the sine is 6352?

the sine of an angle can't be greater than 1.0

Is sine of an angle directly proportional to an angle?

No. The sine of an angle is not directly proportional to the angle. It is a function of the angle, but it is periodic, repeating every 360 degrees of the angle.

Sine of a 50 degree angle?

50° angle measure 50° m?= 50° replace the question mark with the line's name, or what the line is called.

State the Sine Law in words?

The formula is a/sinA=b/sinB=c/sinC. The idea behind the equation is that the larger an angle is the larger the side across from it will be and the smaller the angle the smaller the side across from it will be.

What is the sine of angle of incidence divided by the sine of angle of refraction of equal optical density?

It is 1.

What is sine theta?

The sine theta of an angle (in a right triangle) is the side opposite of the angle divided by the hypotenuse.