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i think it is to measure units of a square

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Q: Why some people use the informal units of measure?
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What a some non metric units of measure?

Feet, inches, miles, and yards are all non metric units of measure.

What are some units of measure that begin with the letter a?


What are some similarties and some differences between standard units of measure inches and nonstandard units crayon?

if you measure a crayon with inches is not the same as measuring with feet.

What are some units of measure that begin with the letter O?


Why are units of measure converted?

Some units of measure are easier to calculate with than others. For example, all metric units can be easily multiplied or divided by units of ten to reach another unit of measurement.

What are some of the units of measure not considered dependable today explanation?

Jigger as a unit of measure for alcohol

Can 6118 measure the sides of a triangle?

No, but if associated with some measurement units, it can be the measure of one side of a triangle.

What are some SI units of measure?

length,mass,weight,volume,and density.

Would 472 be length area volume mass time or temperature?

In itself it is none of them - it is just a number.However if some units are attached, it can be any of them:If its units are a linear measure, eg 472 m, it is a lengthIf its units are a square measure, eg 472 sq cm, it is an areaIf its units are a weight measure, eg 472 kg, it is massIf its units are a time measure, eg 472 seconds, it is timeIf its units are a temperature measure, eg 472 K, it is temperature.

What are some non-standard units of measure?

Some units include the "hand" (horses) and the "span" (great span) originally equal to half of a Roman cubit.

How do you find a length to width ratio of a face?

You measure the length, L, in some units (inches, centimetres, whatever), measure the width, W, in the same units and then calculate L/W.

What are some linear units of metric measure?

-- nanometer -- micrometer (micron) -- millimeter -- meter -- kilometer

What are some examples of an informal group?

example of informal group

How do you measure in SI Units?

some SI units: length = metres time = seconds mass = kilograms electric current = amperes temperature = kelvin

What are the unit measure of distance?

There are many units. Km,m,cm,miles,feet,inches are some

What customary unit would you use to measure the weight of a person?

The weight of a person would be measured in kilograms or pounds, depending on the system of units of measure you are using. Some people in the UK still use the customary unit of "stone."

What is mg per Newton cubic meter?

It is some bizarre measure with units [L]-4[T]2

What are the units of measure in both Standard measurement and metric measurement?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of them. The attached link lists some of them.

What does a graduated cylinder measure in units?

Generally, some form of Liter (milliliter, centiliter, deciliter, Liter, etc.)

What are some examples of units of measure?

The foot, yard, mile, gallon, quart, pound and fluid ounce are examples of units of measurement in the United States customary units system. Examples of metric units of measurement include the meter, kilometer and gram.

What is nonstandard units of measure?

These must be units which are neither in the foot-pound system or the SI system. Mostly these are obsolete units but in some out of the way countries old units may still be used, and sometimes old customs persist. For example in Germany people still ask for a 'pfund' by which they mean a half kilo, which is slightly more than a pound in weight.

Unit of electricity?

There are several units, depending on exactly what aspect of electricity you want to measure. Some of the units include ampere, volt, ohm, joule, watt, but there are many more.

What are the units you use to measure distance?

Inches, feet, yards, miles, millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers, lightyears. These are just some of the measurements used to measure distance.

What is the density of an irregular object with a mass of sixteen and a volume of twenty-five ml?

Density = mass/volume = 16 of some units/25 ml = 0.64 some units per ml - which is quite a useless measure if you don;t know what the units of mass are!

What is the name of unit used to measure force?

Some units of force are: -- newton -- ounce -- pound-force -- ton -- pennyweight